Survive[Arknights Soundtrack] – Official Music Video


The official music video of Survive[Arknights Soundtrack] produced by Dim Mak artist QUIX is now live! Check it out and we hope it’ll light your day up.

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Arknights is a strategic RPG mobile game with a fantasy theme.

#Arknights #Yostar

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  1. Anorak B says

    My ears you should survive

  2. CheeseCake4Not says

    Really cool, except for the weird middle part.

  3. Advante Romanov says

    The opening of this anime really so POP, man

  4. nocturnalore says

    I just got another arknights ad and it looks more like an anime than a TD game lmao

  5. Thee Paradox says

    Ngl it's a banger

  6. Zaitsuhara Wong says


  7. Sky Rocket says

    1:09When u use headset you will feel the eargasm

  8. YuTa says

    Okay the best game and dev in my opinion is Arknight and League Of Lagends .. with good game ,amazing lore . And of course THE HYPE MUSIC!!!! LOVE IT <3

  9. MsErikaOh says

    People are really saying this is not a good song?! People are deaf nowadays.

  10. Alfit Ahmad says

    SV mappers, where r u?

  11. Hoang Nguyen says

    When u out of sanity or figting boss play this music immediately.

  12. Rodney Chan says

    They tried to make Crownslayer cool here, but we all know shes still suffering from Firefighter ptsd

  13. Naga Guring says

    2,5D animasion in game

  14. Влад Безручко says

    Song will be much better without this noises

  15. 空白Nael says

    why am i imagining bad ass doktah with -99 sanity but still leading his team in the chaos



  17. F2P BTW says

    When you look at the Reunion side, you won't see W at all… Wonder why… :^)

  18. 이규원 says

    Make a Music video >>> advertise with kfc, ubisoft >>>>>>>>>>>>>> add 2D animation in game

  19. Farhan Rakha says

    when you love your own product, and then goes all out

  20. 伊水_Uryan says

    Compare to other PV, this video looks so cheap….

  21. helmiboboy says

    Bruh, FEater looks lit at the end.

  22. billy kaplan says

    Who knew arknights would literally be predicting and be so relevant to the year 2020 that laid ahead at the time of its release.

  23. SL4R says

    Хуйта! Опять сделают хуйту вторая зайдёт только детям.Нам нужен только Rr

  24. N4ZiR says

    That art…..Outstanding level confirmed

  25. Dzaky Aprilyana says

    So…when this come to ingame ? Atleast bgm for boss fight

  26. 怂喵 says


  27. Jebbur says

    Please make a playlist for soundtracks

  28. CANDY GUAVA says

    Fuckin BANGER

  29. Crimson Moon says

    So…your willing to die to survive but…if you do die you won't survive at all….okay, I guess that's logical…

  30. Luvee says

    Art & animation: amazingSong: questionable?Tbh it just sounds like any other generic dubstep songs and the lyrics are also kinda meaningless? I don't quite know how the artists are picked for this song but I'd love to see the people who did the ost for like 4-10, 5-10 or the music production team make a song instead of some random people who get hired and with that imo is just pretty lazy to hire someone else to do the music when you have your own team to do so.

  31. Ausar says

    "We'll be the proof of life"…..this right here is one of the best lines i've ever heard in a song.

  32. Basically Eldon. says

    I got a question, what language does the operators speak?

  33. DR DOKTA says

    I muss stay ailive for my wife

  34. Marine Paingarden says

    Kinda disappointed… Not on a par w the rest of the bgm ingame :/

  35. 名無しのZ 009 says


  36. Wanderer. says

    I really hope they make a anime. I can wait.

  37. Kovaelin says

    What's Arknights? It's about a game where you use deployment points to have cuties stand around MENACINGLY.

  38. Muhammad Daffa Ariq Fadilah says

    Sees frostnovaMe: current objective=survive

  39. Daniel Justin says

    That animation for Talulah gives me chill. Talulah is best girl!

  40. Zack Rehman says

    that was sick

  41. 明鏡止水雪 says


  42. Kuryaku says

    Dubstep really doesn't fir Arknights. Why must you insist?

  43. HOODIE HIJAU says

    Im imagined that Sora sing this song

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