SV-98 The Musical | Stream Highlights – Escape from Tarkov


Just remember kids, gaming is about having fun! So if you don’t like my singing you can go eat a cucumber 🙂


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  1. Szász Iván says

    Whit what do you zoom? @Pestifly

  2. SWITS Feral says

    3:33 REALISM

  3. Gheorghe Vasile says

    3:35 someone please explain that shit!!

  4. Mr. Ando of The Woods says

    i noticed teh delay too and thought it was just my imagination

  5. w62810616 says


  6. Miles Hurd says

    11:46 turn on subtitles

  7. _Metal_Militia says

    sung to the tune…on top of all smoky! 🙂

  8. Johnathon Savage says

    You know I wouldn't mind getting clipped as long as the clipper added an Aussie "sorry mate" afterwards

  9. Kendo B says

    Ad-libbing to the tune of "on top of spaghetti" ?

  10. Brane says

    Thats why im not using SV-98 … that trigger delay is a disaster … if u know what i mean xD:D especialy when ur aiming at ppl noses

  11. Kristoffer says

    Pestily sound like old yoda when he laughs. "huhuhu"

  12. Chance IT says

    10:20 was insaaannneee

  13. Calewoo says

    Who needs a sound board when u have pestily lmao

  14. ian mcaleer says

    meh !

  15. Josh Corness says

    i feel like we need to hear more pestily the musical

  16. What Happen says

    a Trans Parent?

  17. Callsign Vega says

    Never understood these streamers; how other players just stand there like just wanting to get shot and the other players never shoot back. When I play, people are insta-shooting me.

  18. Julius Estrada says

    pestily you need an edit of you huming/murmuring benny hill w/ the audio now! Keep up the good work man

  19. Quantium says

    Whats ridiculous about the sv98's trigger delay is that the real sv98 has only a 2.2 lb trigger (For reference if youre not familiar with firearms: military m4: ~8lb, akm: ~6lb) so the reasoning behind the trigger delay is complete bs.

  20. Danielle Rae says

    Can you please bring up the SV-98 trigger delay in your next podcast with Nikita? I so want to like this weapon but it's just about impossible to track a moving target with it.

  21. Nathan Blanchette says

    You're literally THE savage of tarkov…

  22. Zittam xd says

    7:52 i said to myself thats an hk shooting then pestily said it was an rpk and a believed him but it was actually an hk lol

  23. IngGliz says

    I remember you sung this then your wife had a go at you??loved watching it live, keep up the good work

  24. Gajak says

    Since when are raiders able to heal themselfes?

  25. Christian Messerschmidt says

    Can we get a full sing only stream?

  26. seanbucke says


  27. AC Fake says

    Sv98 looks more mordern yet worse than mosin , odd .

  28. MangaOrigin says

    I'm pretty sure that at 3:33 it's because of lps nerf xD

  29. Jarrek Dyer says

    I've never heard of the ASh-12 before and holy shit its another unicorn gun. Its like something out of Fallout 1

  30. Rogue Squid says

    I thought that the delay had been removed from the Sv-98?

  31. Roshi_IsHere says

    5 minutes of sv-98 and the rest is just random ak gameplay >.>

  32. MasonQFPV says

    what headphones are those?

  33. ew Cash says

    Spaghetto, but MEATBALLS .Yeah, I get it.

  34. Bald Vulture says

    Ouff the intro is kinda tough…

  35. Griffin B says

    I understand wanting to see certain content from your content creators but people that try to tell content creators what they should and should not do in terms of what they put out is just brain-dead. Like pest said if you don't like it go somewhere else

  36. RabidTangerine says

    Why does he keep getting AR level 1? What's with all the new accounts?

  37. Mo Momomo says

    singing with the moistness <3

  38. Patryk Pampuch says

    My ears…

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