1. MaskinistN says

    I can hear a second wave all the way over here from sweden. Have fun.

  2. Jaspreet Singh says

    Sweden will have 1 wave others will have multiple

  3. Daniel Sandberg says

    Strange how people spend all this time and energy hating Sweden.Strange how people acts like it's some kind of contest.Strange how people seem to wish Sweden to hurt.Strange how people think this is a sprint that is over by summer.Strange how people still find the time to be a-holes in the middle of a pandemic.Not humanity's finest hour.

  4. The Jinx says

    This was a weird put together video.

  5. Commander Sune says

    Impressive what people have time to do during the lockdown.

  6. Bulletnutz says

    Bye bye fools -see you on the other side! ??

  7. Bob Junior says


  8. Hans Gustafsson says

    https://www.svt.se/datajournalistik/corona-i-intensivvarden/ Use google translate to read in your language

  9. Erik Burman says

    Meh… To early to make judgements. Perhaps in six months we have enough data to tell which strategy’s was right and which weren’t.

  10. Stupracap says

    So true……. >:(

  11. Schrödinboy says

    Shut the fuck up, Elon Musk

  12. Lin Berg says

    Well done!

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