Switzerland Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Switzerland


Things you need to know before you travel to Switzerland. After you watch this video you’ll be well prepared for a vacation or work trip to Switzerland. EXPAND DESCRIPTION FOR FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Switzerland has 4 official languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Zurich and Lucerne Speak German. Geneva speaks French. The South of Switzerland speaks Italian. But the good news for you as a tourist is almost everybody speaks English too.

2. Hours in Switzerland
– Switzerland is an early country
– Cafes open early
– Stores close early
– Some cities know a thing called – “evening shopping” literally translated. Shops are open until 21:00 (9 PM) on one evening per week – in Zürich, this happens on Thursday.
– And nearly everything is closed on Sunday (except the trains and shops in train stations)
3. Transportation in Switzerland
– Really good public transit
– Always on time
– Swiss Pass
– Download the SBB App
– Second Class is pretty good
4. Money in Switzerland
– They don’t use the EUR, they use the Swiss Franc (CHF) but you can exchange Euro at any bank, airport, and most railway stations. ATMs are known as “Bancomats”
5. Switzerland is Expensive
– Yes, what you’ve heard about Switzerland being expensive is right. It is.
– Pizza $30
– Mcdonalds $15
– Minimum wage of $25 an hour
6. Swiss Food
– Eat the chocolate and cheese
– Drink the milk
– All things Dairy
– lunch specials 10-19 CHF.
– Ethnic Restaurants like Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian, or Thai for the best deals (and closer to 10 CHF).
– Don’t be late for a dinner reservation — after 15 minutes you should forget you even had it
7. Switzerland is Small
– Population of 8 Million
– 1/10 the size of California
– But many mountains so travel is slow
– Geneva to Zurich Driving is 3 hours
8. Weather
– Quite varied because of the Alps
– In the West it’s windy and wet because of the Atlantic Ocean
– South is significantly warmer
– Summer can be up to 35C or 95F — zero degrees depends on elevation, between 2000 Meters and 4000 Meters.
– Each Mountain has it’s own website — check the mountain website to decide whether to go or not
– High elevation so wear sunscreen
9. Water
– Skip the bottled water — drink the tap water
– Fountains on almost every corner
10. Recycling
– 8 different trash cans at a supermarket


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  1. Pasin Wongkitprasert says

    Correction: 8% isn’t a service charge. It is rather the tax.

  2. Bird_Dog says

    Zeughaus.Hint: In german, the "Z" is pronounced as a sharp "ts". The word means arsenal. So it's the warehouse where the local army unit stored its weapons and other equipment. From the looks of it, I'm guessing 19th century.btw. "Zeug" literaly means "stuff" today. But back in "ye olde days" its meaning was closer to "gear/equipment" and "Haus" means- you guessed it – "house" (it's even pronounced the same way). So, it's a house to house your stuff…Also: Yea, ACs are still not too common in switzerland. The reason is, that our buildings are traditonaly designed to use passive air conditioning.With both exterior and interior walls build form solid brick, the building's structure itself will act as a heat sink. Absorbing heat during the day and releasing it over night.It works, as long as the ambient temprature drops below room temprature during the night.

  3. Pattikadu says

    Iam indian woman iam happy to living in switzerland ?

  4. 50 subs whit no videos challenge TwT says

    I live there! Like if you like there too! And ITS ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Gg :3 im french. And i like mah comment XDproff Im SWISS(i forgot How TO say in English)salut! Je suis sofia.j’ai 10 ans et je vais encore a l’ecole.j’ai bocoup de amis et vous aves dis tout just! Bravo. Pardon j’ai un problem de fançais,ces comme tu SAId pas bien écrir le français mais tu et français ok ok je ARRET pardon XD

  5. MR Gameplay says

    9. WTF you can buy a bottle of water for 0.50 CHF.

  6. Erlina Zulauf says

    Hi guys have a nice day !!!!

  7. Mariel Respuesto says

    You might wanna share the affordable accommodations in Zurich, or any other places in Switzerland :)Your video is informative. Thank you and bless you!

  8. doit4anty says

    ???damn suisse is crazy???

  9. Chloe Giger says

    I’m born and raised in Switzerland and I approve this video✅ most things are very accurate

  10. Kolamaruthi Maruthi says

    People's thought about Indian peoples,because I love Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan…

  11. Kolamaruthi Maruthi says

    Hi,I am from india.Will you help me,I want the details of types of jobs,minimum wage or salary,minimum cost of living method.the best place for stay,study,job,etc…

  12. Jake Jake Ponggo says

    Hoping i love this country Switzerland

  13. Ron Haller says

    I‘m Swiss and thanks for the video. I can agree on almost everything you said, well done. Next time, try out less touristy restaurants, they are mostly better and cheaper… and in summer, dine outside. Besides, it can get very hot in summer, but I don‘t think it is normally very humid, mostly only directly after a rainfall in summer. But hey, if it is too hot, there is always a river or lake nearby to take swim… and they are all clean.

  14. W. Y. says

    Actually Swiss-German…not German!

  15. Maurice Soltermann says

    I dänke itz mau 60% wo ds Video luege, sy Schwizer

  16. Basile Châtelain says

    Everybody is speaking english…. LOLLLL

  17. Andres Namali says

    Im from switzerland to, but inwatch it to see what tourists think about us ?

  18. Simon says

    Wieso sind alle kommentare von Schweizern?

  19. Efrem Ghebrehiwet says

    Bro ich leb ide schwitz. Warum lueg ich das

  20. Alex Tjäder says

    I live in zürich and yea this is BS

  21. bhgyutr says

    rule #1 no restaurant, eat in grocery stores or don't eat at all

  22. ceraby says

    I life in switzerland but i never speak swisss german!Its so strange >~< i like it to speak clean german uwu

  23. David Sch says

    Aaaaand you can get 1 1/2 liters of water for 0.5chf in the migros, just search and find the cheap, they always try to show you the expensive things but if you search you will find the cheaper items <3

  24. David Sch says

    Yeah the cityes here are expensive af?I live in a smaller village(not in the mountains) and the stufd here is a liiiiitle bit cheaper

  25. Icy Slime says

    LMAO you said its quite humid in switzerland because theres alot of water, lakes and rivers are the only water in switzerland and represent about 1.7 percent of their whole territory, and they are landlocked

  26. KC Heart says

    9:43Actually incorrect! (I have lived in the kanton of Zürich my whole life) Yes some places add a service charge, but they usually don’t show it, it’s added into the price of the food, and some places don’t add one at all. So sure, it may not be NEEDED to leave a tip, BUT it is society! It’s culture to leave a tip! Not a big one, just 2-4 franks, but a tip is the way of saying thanks or just being polite. People can get offended if you don’t leave a tip and the next time you go there you MIGHT (definitely not always) not get treated AS nicely. So just leave a tip. Waiters and waitresses don’t get paid much, so they’ll definitely appreciate it!❤️❤️??

  27. Famous2SH says

    People and wheather are the worst. 0/10 would not be homless here again. But the bridge hes standig on has a fountain plus a few decent wind safe corners.. and theres one of the only free pulbic toilets close by.. cheers to my fellow down n outers

  28. Kristian Šenija says

    2:23 dass stimmt eifach nöd

  29. Hammer says

    Service charche is not normal

  30. Swànn says

    As a swiss girl, I validate everything in that vid. Very accurate.

  31. Queer Robin says

    Zurich is expensive even for swiss standarts tho

  32. Queer Robin says

    As a Swiss person I gotta say NOT almost everyone speaks english and the ones that do mostly got a really disgusting accent

  33. Mariarosa Bilotta says

    Ich bin us züri und lueg das nur zum luege ob er öpis falsch seit zum denn korrigiere i de kommis ???

  34. OutAced says

    I live in switzerland and all is true.

  35. Sunset_Rider says

    Why häsch du da so en Panda?

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