Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace – MMORPG Beta Gameplay (Android/IOS)


Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace (刀剑神域黑衣剑士:王牌) – MMORPG Beta Gameplay (Android/IOS)

In 2022, Sword Art Online Black Swordsman : Ace, the world’s first fully submersible MMORPG, was finally released.

The game is a nightmare of death – you can’t leave the game unless you fully walk through Sword Art Online Black Swordsman : Ace, and once you’ve played Game Over, you’ll be “dead” in the real world! “You’re one of the players imprisoned in the Death Game of the Floating City of Ein Gronte.

As one of the players imprisoned in the floating city of “Ein Gronte”, a game of death, you will also embark on a series of adventures in order to complete the 100 floor walkthrough.


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  1. Gaming Mobile says

    The game is in beta September 12 to September 19.
    Selected users will be sent a download link via mail (app Bilibili) There will be no apk file because the game needs a Bilibili account to activate.

  2. Captain vveaboo says

    Oh man the shadow… Why other player doesn't have shadow-_-

  3. brian lockett says


  4. Gadis Kecil says

    Ahh.. that sound 🙂

  5. Tomioka Giyuu 冨岡 義勇 says

    Hmm integral factor vibe

  6. Rydenz Ch. says

    am I the only one here who do not like the auto system!? I love playing SAO:IF, this game much better, but the auto quest, auto attack, etc make my expectation lower, pretty good game tough!!-sorry bad english

  7. Dika The Public says

    My god i cant wait

  8. きりさめ says


  9. Poke Man says

    Is there an English version of this game

  10. Jervin Mendez says

    Someone knows how to create a QQ account

  11. Jervin Mendez says

    Si pudiera crear Una cuanta el QQ

  12. Yoel Kristian says

    SAO Aincrad is the best SAO story imo..

  13. Arsenal Arsoona says

    Me looking at my phoneMy phone:You piece of shtYou already have genshin fker

  14. ʜ ᴇ ᴢ ᴜ ʀ ɪ ɴツ says

    SAOIF v2 wew

  15. Satrio Ekoyono says

    when will the global version be released?

  16. Joco says

    I need a dagger character

  17. Rizky Yulianto says

    Can this game run on my potato snap 835

  18. Rifky Nur Fauzi says

    Oh the music still like Sao intergal factor , well but about game play is really good

  19. Zo ki says

    Is it only China exclusive or will get a global release?

  20. GoodGaMer Gaming says

    Hopefully my realme 6 phone can handle 😉

  21. Eka Prasetya Purnama says

    I hope there's pvp

  22. zachkoa says

    Is there a global release date? I need this so bad.

  23. Nura Rihan says

    Another no voice acting MMO wannabe for Android sad….SAO has so much potential yet wasted like this. Just make a game on same level as Honkai and Genshin Impact if you want players and popularity, instead of realising 2-3 trash games with popular name for marketing…

  24. tsayang yang says

    Wow new Sword art online❤

  25. Andrew D says

    I’m so glad it’s here because you had so many people saying it ain’t real. I look forward to this game.

  26. Horacio Rocha says

    ok the game look nice and is like a saoif ver 2.0 but i have some issues..Class lock… saoif have a gacha skill system that may be frustrating but it works because you are no locked in any class and can swicht to use whatever you like any time.No partner… I realy liked the partner system in saoif (Koharu can be a little bit anoying some times) i would have liked a improved version of thatOverall this is just the beta, i just hope this is realy a saoif upgrade and not a typical good loking-boring phone mmo auto-everything like 90% of the games out there

  27. Raihan Ghifary says

    Great interface

  28. ultaika-hari ningrum-salsabila says

    Beautipullll game.. 😍😍😍

  29. Roman HR says

    Autoplay ?

  30. Hello My Friends says

    Chào ông nha :))

  31. alt account says

    Would be good if the quality are like honkai

  32. Thanatos says


  33. Pika Boss says

    Genshin beter

  34. ComeFly says

    What phone did you use for ultra graphics mobile?

  35. Yeive Velzardne says

    This is not from Bandai namco, right??

  36. ZaphGaming says

    that health bar be looking cool tho

  37. Chika Fujiwara says

    All the arts are stolen from Integral Factor😒

  38. Dyzs says

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  39. NïLo says

    In which language available?

  40. Amv Nations says

    The only channel where I find good mmorpg.🙏

  41. Fall Guys Clips says

    Let me fuc*ing guess you need a phone over 8.0 and you need 4gb of ram right oI forget you also need a 64gb of storage to

  42. Jose Guerrero says

    I need a new phone :c

  43. Shimai Sen says

    Đáng thất vọng 🙁Đợi hơn 1 năm nhưng….game thế nào thì…Chưa mới chỉ là bản test còn nhiều lần sửa lỗi Mông chất lượng game play nó tốt hơn SAOIF

  44. kelvss says

    need vpn and qq?

  45. Dagaki Sea says

    Game đang beta hả ad

  46. Olubunmi Igie-Audu says

    Will there be a global version of the game

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