Sword of Vermilion Music – Title


Game: Sword of Vermilion (USA/EUR), Vermilion(JAP)
System: Sega MegaDrive (JAP/EUR), Genesis (USA)
Name: Title
Composer: Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Download the soundtrack from here. サウンドトラックをここよりダウンロードして下さい。

I don’t claim to own either the music OR Sword of Vermilion OR Sega OR Hiroshi Kawaguchi. I’m just uploading these for others’ enjoyment and no profit is intended to be gained.

Source: https://cyrrion.com
Read more all post Video : https://cyrrion.com/video/
  1. xGolbezx says

    Is there an extended version of this?

  2. Sebastian N. says

    Why does this game get so much hate?

  3. obey says

    One of the best

  4. Jonathan Rios says

    Ive noticed this game is completely split down the middle. All i ever hear or see is how someone hated it or loved it

  5. Larry the Gamer Guy says

    Don't care what anyone says… I liked this game.

  6. FreakyLynx says

    Interesting game, did not like the battle set-up but had a fantastic soundtrack and pretty cool aesthetic.

  7. Resvrgam says

    A shit game but it had one of the most amazing 16-bit soundtracks to date.

  8. SnakeBasket says

    Thank you for posting – love all the songs from this game

  9. Jordan Mattes says

    This game was great, I loved it as a kid but boy was I terrible at it.

  10. Saliou Niang says

    best rpg in the word

  11. Zinkyness says

    The game was semi awful, but the soundtrack and sound effects were fantastic for the time period.

  12. dreemwarrior65 says

    Good game! Fuck the haters!!

  13. joker112684 says

    Thanks so much for the intro. One of my first RPG's ever

  14. TimelordR says

    The introduction to a little-appreciated RPG classic.

  15. kumapub says


  16. Nicholas Manganello says

    Thanks for the uploads. Blessings on you sir

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