T-test soccer agility


Agility T-Test

PURPOSE: the T-Test is a test of agility for athletes, and includes forward, lateral, and backward running.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: tape measure, marking cones, stopwatch, timing gates

PROCEDURE: Set out four cones as illustrated in the diagram above 5 yards = 4.57 m, 10 yards = 9.14 m. The subject starts at cone A. On the command of the timer, the subject sprints to cone B and touches the base of the cone with their right hand. They then turn left and shuffle sideways to cone C, and also touches its base, this time with their left hand. Then shuffling sideways to the right to cone D and touching the base with the right hand. They then shuffle back to cone B touching with the left hand, and run backwards to cone A. The stopwatch is stopped as they pass cone A.

SCORING: The trial will not be counted if the subject cross one foot in front of the other while shuffling, fails to touch the base of the cones, or fails to face forward throughout the test. Take the best time of three successful trials to the nearest 0.1 seconds.

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  1. puzz88 says

    i have to run this as part of my 9 month assessment post-ACL reconstruction and my goal is to reach an 11 second average over 3 consecutive runs through the t-test to be approved to go back to sports LMAO i'm at a 14-second-average right now (currently 8 months post op), it's very difficult!!

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