T1 vs Hanwha Life Esports Game 3 Full – LCK Summer 2020 W6D3 – T1 vs HLE G3


T1 vs Hanwha Life Esports Game 3 Full – LCK Summer Split 2020 Week 6 Day 3 – T1 vs HLE G3

Worlds 2018 Vods playlist:

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  1. kmelvin santos says

    @17:49 can someone confirm if faker used E > FLASH > R on sett or just E > R ? I slowed it 0.25 and don't see it. He should not be able to get the R over the wall if the opponent is on another way.

  2. Austin Hugo says

    Didnt even need Game 3 if T1 respected their opponent in Game 1.

  3. Jesse Yeh says


  4. Curex666 says

    15:47 my miiiind telling me yees but my booody my booodyyyy telling me nooooo (yes i know its other way arround but check teddy :D)

  5. Fahrenheit41 says

    LCK casters didn't know but Sylas stole camille ulti and used it to dodge karthus ulti

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