Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater | “Double-Double Cross”


Bilgewater is ripe with opportunity; do you have the coin for it? Play now at

Down on the slaughter docks, Miss Fortune springs a trap for wanted criminals Twisted Fate and Graves… but soon finds the tables turned against her.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter
Twisted Fate, the Card Master
Graves, the Outlaw

Play as Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate in Legends of Runeterra:
See what it takes to survive in Bilgewater:
Discover the world of Runeterra:

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  1. Ellias Green says

    Macdonald kill house lol XD

  2. Andre Cravo says

    I love this one cuz its the continuation of the first story in graves bio

  3. EchoinSilence says

    Aw man, when will graves ever get his cigar back?

  4. Mad Dummy says

    Still waiting for a movie

  5. The Forgotten Poet says

    Oh! now TF is in love with MF!

  6. SeraphimDragon says

    I don't like the fact that the voices aren't what we know. It's… really bizarre. And Graves + TF being so chummy is over the top.

  7. iam execute says

    That was really cool.

  8. Blazeest says

    When you're about to lose to demacia and you draw Ruination: 2:53

  9. somebody get some gum under this table says

    I live for these personalities

  10. Rheniel Labolabo says

    Welcome to league of legends

  11. Macky Miralles says


  12. kong Borith says

    Ftte is the best

  13. C.K. Harrower says

    I honestly love TF's voice. I could listen to it for 10K years and not be bored.

  14. Oyamada Kouta-Kun says

    Just make a freaking anime as long as one piece on Netflix …. God .. or sell out to Disney

  15. Richard Thach says

    Wait underworld graves?

  16. Chandra Kargenic says

    Wow! Amazing movie

  17. Coach Bronoso says

    Thats not my elbow

  18. Tipp says

    Yassuo is coming

  19. Priscillano Ramon Mariano III says

    So, this is what Ahri and Yasuo are getting into.Nice.

  20. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says

    Totally accurate, because Grave's double barrel shotgun spread doesn't exist and couldn't have possibly hit Miss Fortune with at least one stray pelletPlot armor is a powerful thing

  21. ddghide hsyihfdhu says

    why i think riot games sass twisted fate ??

  22. ddghide hsyihfdhu says

    twisted fate is number one ??

  23. maka3230 says

    She is good looking

  24. Thuan Phan says

    if this is made into a series…id watch it lmao this seem fun

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