TARBOSAURUS UNLOCKED!! || Jurassic World – The Game – Ep 465 HD


Tarbosaurus has been added to Jurassic World The Game. That is all.


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Jurassic World the Game took everyone by storm! Ever since it’s launch it has added hybrids, boss battles, and of course the indominus Rex. Most notable updates included the boss Omega 09 that once defeated earned players a unique trophy for their park. Aquatic creatures like the mosasaur have been added as well as Glaciers such as the Willy Mammoth. Other boss battles since have included salamander 16, Colossus 04, Juggernaught 32 and Valkeryie 77. Jurassic world the game is a must download for any dinosaur fan or fan of the movie


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  1. Robbie Small says

    Wow I've been gone for a year and my dude has a beard now

  2. Lennard Gabijan says

    James i got tarbosaurus max level

  3. Exgreve 14 says

    I never seen beaver sow mature 😳

  4. Zero2 Gaming says

    When i play jurassic world it crashes when it loads

  5. Traven says

    I forgot this channel exsited wtf

  6. Nick Atkins says

    I don’t think that 20% off $100 equals $75 dollars, smh they can’t even get their math right either?

  7. Tijs Smit 04 says

    Is there like a discord for players who play the game OR Annybody who wants to give me tips and tricks on the game im doing fine got some lvl 40s but its hard to compeet at the top Annybody has a jurrasic world discord OR wanna make one my discord is spicyadvicy#4543

  8. forzahellrizing says

    You probably won’t see this comment but I’ve watched your channel since the very first episode in this game

  9. Arlene Amar says

    I had level 30 tarbosaurus

  10. Bates Kids says

    i am a kid and i LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Derp Stars says

    Tbh, Jurassic World The Game is simply a mess. In my opinions, I find Jurassic World Alive more interesting. Ludia could just give up and make Jurassic World The Game 2 or something.

  12. LuckiestPenny16 says

    Is anyone else game crashing when it loads,I just got VIP and it keeps crashing and I can’t play the game

  13. DivineNightmare says

    Everybody who's been waiting for a dinosaur to come into the game for so long and it' finally gets added :"Life, Uh, Finds a Way"

  14. Mats Waijers says

    5 years later he thought… Lets start a serie!

  15. Vincent Becerra Perez says

    i started playing 2020 i have mongasoas level 40

  16. Brason Stecik says

    Gaming beaver keep it up 👍

  17. Micah Djababoe says

    How hase bin here from the Beginning

  18. sami djebbar says

    Who Remembers rage and double and triple kill in the multi enemy battles

  19. Cohen Cooper says

    A few months ago I had a phone with really low storage so I had to delete this game so I stoped watching you , I just got a new phone and it has more storage and I just downloaded the game again so I just subscribed

  20. George Goor says

    so sad how he has to end jw the game

  21. Cynthia DeFrang says

    In twenty fifteen I turned four

  22. Fahmi Malik says

    Get beaver to 3 mil lads

  23. owen kirk says

    Can u give me ur Jurassic account

  24. Yulastri Yulastri says


  25. Pabasara Jayawardhana says

    I like to your friend

  26. Penpansa Rattanavijit says


  27. Tarran Hodge says

    I’ve had this game for 4 months and I’ve already gotten lvl 30 super rare hybrids

  28. Joseph The Glatiator says

    nyooo the beard is gon
    nyooo good lord whyyyy

  29. Brandon Yang says

    6:18 is where u see the tarbosaurus

  30. Pac Haven says

    Cool Tabosaurus was one of the biggest tyrannosaurs

  31. Vibing skeleton says

    God, i miss my childhood

  32. Chickyismycat K says

    I remember that dino from the movie about it. It made me cry when I was little. Movie is call Dinosaur king I think

  33. oliver perez says

    The best thing i got from the prize wheel is either the spino raptor or 400 bucks

  34. Dream’s Clone says

    I can’t believe you still post this game, I remember your first episode.

  35. To get 8 Tarbosaurus’s is 400,000 VIP POINTS to get 8 of them!

  36. Raging Raptor says

    ALMOST 3mill subs

  37. Harjinder singh Ghuman says

    Really copied a lot of Dinosaurs from JW alive to JW the game 😠😂😠

  38. Its Real Estate Dinosaur says

    Beaver please let me in your alliance
    Name: HeyItsJm
    Trophies 4039
    Lvl 15 please let me in🥺🥺

  39. Wojciech Pabijan says

    Jesus crist, 465 episodes and its still going! how long do you want this series to be?

  40. Benjamin Greeley 21 (STUDENT) says

    More Roblox pleasssse

  41. Knic Nicholson says

    Beaver im hungry for jw alive tommorow godzilla rex will be out hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Roechell Taylor says

    you have not have played roblox in a while

  43. Roechell Taylor says

    you have played roblox in a while

  44. Roechell Taylor says

    tarbo got added well I like carnotaurs

  45. Olivia Sheehan says

    BEAVER SONT MAXIT OIT. I just checked and it has the same stats as concevanator. And it's the same type. But it gets more coins. Yeah. Just dont. I'm sorry you already wasted 50000 vip points. But do yourself a favour and dontb

  46. Dallas Ninine says

    My game glitched and I got9999999dna I don't know how and I'm not lying only Lee if it give me 999999999 bucks

  47. Kalvin Whelan says

    Can't belive this sereis started when i was 5

  48. Bacon Is good says


  49. Joe Whitaker says

    From Jurassic world in yours

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