Team Messi VS Team Ronaldo – PES 2018 Experiment


Today it’s time for a PES 2018 experiment video, with a full team of Messi’s going up against a full team of Ronaldo’s. Which team will come out on top; Team Messi or Team Ronaldo?

Rather than putting my own personal PES skills to the test, this video features computer vs computer PES 2018 gameplay as I feel that this is the best way of judging what team comes out on top.

If you’re after the Team Messi VS Team Neymar video? That can be found here:

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  1. Achu Aishu says

    Ronaldo is better than messi

  2. Pacybits Pro says

    What a comeback by the Ronaldo’s

  3. Omar Gonzalez says


  4. Asger Nybo Ebbesen says

    Ronaldo will never win his so f###* s###* and Messi is so much better

  5. ACE GAMMING says


  6. ACE GAMMING says


  7. mmm m says

    What a insane come back poor play messi teamHighlights shots 19, 15 on target that should have been 15 goals ronaldo team Come back was unbelievable

  8. Sunita Oberholzer says

    Best soccer vid I’ve ever watches

  9. Kayleigh Tully says

    Argentina 2 – 6 Porgies

  10. Boris Berisic says

    How are you create that haahahha ?

  11. Yash Kabra says

    Messi with Argentina was gonna choke anyway :/

  12. CLASHING CLUB says

    Did what real CR7 does

  13. Wxcler says

    Both Are Legends.

  14. The Rock says

    I was surprised at Messi keeper performing well. I mean, Ronaldo would make a much better keeper than Messi. Ronaldo is 6'1,has a monster jump and is very strong. Ronaldo should be GK 60 given his physicality. GK 40 is okay for Messi, GK 35 is also good enough for Messi.

  15. The Rock says

    Ronaldo carried the team.Messi lost because of the team.

  16. Bikas Kumar Kundu says

    Messi bottled a 3 goal lead… sounds familiar

  17. J Wang says

    do team neuer vs team messi

  18. Phil W says

    Based on the play style, it looks like it’s 11 Ronaldos against 11 shorter Ronaldos… you can mimic the way Ronaldo plays, but you can’t mimic the way Messi plays, because he is just too good for PES

  19. Ellis ocarroll says

    So if ur tall u win ffs I lost

  20. Tobey Groome says

    Worst 11 vs worst 11 but one team has Messi and the other has Ronaldo.

  21. Fuzzy Bear says

    I saw the comments before I watched it Messi lost???

  22. BRAWLER- AHMET says


  23. Babita D'Silva says

    I know ur a Ronaldo fan????

  24. Clovis Yio says

    Even with the entire team being Messi. Argentina couldnt win

  25. Tarquin Clark says

    Team Hazard vs team Neymar

  26. WBS 1111 says

    Rick and morty: messi and ronaldo crossover

  27. Grigore Razvan says

    Even if he loss mesii îs better în real life u all know it

  28. Alyssa Hornberger says

    I love Cristian renaldo

  29. Brandon Maverick says

    Just like how he blew the balon dor

  30. Raigek! says

    2:47 I can’t believe my ears.

  31. kzksksjsjwikanznz71 says


  32. Qari Mohammed says

    Do a video of a midfielder Vs a striker ….like de bruyne Vs Ronaldo

  33. Menahel Sultan says

    This was hilarious

  34. Eduardo Luna says

    1) Please, do (Sporting Lisbon) all ronaldos vs ( Manchester United) all ronaldos&2) (Real Madrid) all ronaldos vs (Juventus) all ronaldoswinner of (1) faces winner of (2)

  35. Aseel Roshan says

    Daayyyyum this was one amaaaazing match????

  36. jegr koya says

    this is bullshit because ronaldo gives the pass to messi and he scores ?

  37. Muhzin Km says

    Messi the goat

  38. Duke Danso says

    Ramos vs. Pique

  39. kanishk sharma says

    11 Messi's when a single one can dribble through an entire team, pretty much if this was possible irl the result would have been utterly dominated by messi

  40. kanishk sharma says

    I thought ronaldo the goalkeeper would be chatting with messi the goalkeeper in Messi's penalty box waiting for a tap in

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