Teen Vogue's Assistant to the Editor in Chief, Alyssa Reeder – Fashion at Work – Teen Vogue


Alyssa Reader, 24, is the assistant to Amy Astley, the editor in chief at Teen Vogue. This peek into the life of an assistant to an established editor in chief shines light on what it takes to make it in the fashion-magazine world. Alyssa’s bubbly personality, tomboy style, and ability to get things done put her in a position to touch every aspect of the magazine each day.

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Teen Vogue’s Assistant to the Editor in Chief, Alyssa Reeder – Fashion at Work – Teen Vogue

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  1. Buck8Fam says

    Keep doing what your doing. Giving girls power and confidence like my daughter….https://youtu.be/ee2356uFSkE

  2. Joanne Xu says

    I like her voice.

  3. Raj kumar says


  4. Kimberly Bustamante H says


  5. Marisol says

    Assistant to the regional manager

  6. Grace Bediako says

    Dream job lol

  7. dragonnelite says

    not assistant editor in chief but assistant TO the editor in chief haha

  8. Glamaour Era says


  9. Crybaby Tears says

    I'm glad her fingers are fine

  10. Crybaby Tears says

    We Are Young bought me here

  11. dummy dummy says

    do you need math to become a fashion journalist?

  12. Rey Jomar Daluz says

    I just clicked this out of nowhere and now I am crushing on her… <3 And this video was uploaded 2013.. How is she now? 🙁

  13. Isaac says

    This is what I wanna do!! I'm in college now and you're living my dream!

  14. Jess B says

    she's 24 & doing this.. I'm 22 and I'm not doing any of this…

  15. Leydi Vasquez says

    I live in north California. There is not many opportunities here for a journalist.

  16. Bella Hessell says

    ? dream job right there

  17. Alexis Navarro says

    I'm really looking forward to work here !!!

  18. lovelybeautysmiles says

    Is it awkward that I really like her voice?

  19. thefoundandlost says

    I once got to email her a bit…peak of my life, it's all downhill from here! Haha!

  20. Isabelle Kube says

    she has my dream job!

  21. crescendollsx says

    She's the girl from Fun's We Are Young video!

  22. lovelybeautysmiles says

    This seems like a great job 🙂

  23. Amy says

    I wanted to work for teen vogue and then she said my name Amy and I was like this is destiny calling

  24. Natalia Tello says

    This series are just AMAZING♥ Thanks a lot for making them

  25. moonstruckapparel says

    Thank you so much for starting this series, SO inspiring and motivating!

  26. Kayla Barry says

    more videos like this please! introducing editors and writers and publishers!

  27. kameron brown says

    she's so pretty

  28. talkativee19 says

    I wish i could work for teen vogue..

  29. NavyFiceRoid42 says

    I'd absolutely love to work for Teen Vogue but I'm pretty young, not sure if they would hire me. Also I don't live in a big city.

  30. Laura says

    This was really interesting! 🙂

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