TEN iOS 13 Settings To Turn Off Now


David and David tell you about ten iOS 13 settings you turn off immediately. Apple has a way of making sure the settings they want you to have on get turned back on during updates. It’s a good idea to give your iPhone a once a year tune-up after a major software update.

0:24 In-App Ratings & Reviews
0:59 iPhone / iCloud / Health Analytics
1:36 Unnecessary Location Services
2:28 Unnecessary System Services & Analytics
2:54 Significant Locations
3:23 Product Improvement Data
3:37 Unnecessary Background App Refresh
4:41 Push Mail
5:32 Disable App Access To Camera, Photos, & More
6:34 Uninstall Third-Party Keyboards

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  1. Judi Morningstar says

    How do you turn off background app refresh for Dropbox so it stays turned off. I thought I’d fixed the problem but after the 13.6 update, I’m back to 6hr42min background app refresh. Every indicator tells me refresh is turned off for this app BUT I see this background app refresh report (in battery which is why I’m checking because of my bad battery life for my iPad Pro 2nd gen)

  2. DrHabib Khan says

    I'm not an English native but have studied in English as medium of instruction. I find it hard to follow and understand. I know you seem to be good buddies but you tend to ignore the third buddy watching you on screen. Please look into the camera when you address your viewer. Pl also, if you want your presentation more effective then provide the seven instructions in writing on your screen.Wishing you all the best.

  3. Mohammad Umar says

    Thanks guys you have shared important points keep it guys ?

  4. Naman Bhargava says

    My iphone 11 pro max is 45 days old and battery health is at 97% i’m really vert worried please help me… I bought this from my hard earned money. i don’t play any games..i never use while charging.. i charge when it is around 30% upto 100% please help me

  5. The Chaotik says

    Yo im here just to get my spotify working.

  6. iLovePizza says

    good review but those annoying banners that keep blocking the bottom of the screen wtf

  7. Susan Birnbaum says

    THANK YOU!! My iPhone has been charged every night and down to 20% power by the next morning. Your Youtube is the first one I ever seen that doesn’t run through solutions quickly, I guess they think everyone has the understanding already. I’ve just subscribed and now feel I finally have a resource I can follow.

  8. cato says

    Great tips guys. In the privacy settings under health turn OFF the COVID tracking. Super creepy!!!!

  9. DeJuan YT says


  10. Ramon Leynes says

    I leave push on and icloud on push and fetch set to manually

  11. Richard MacKenzie says

    Every time I reset my iPhone 8+, I still use this video, over, and over, and over. Thank you guys.

  12. Gustavo says

    You need to activate the significant locations to use “show parked locations “ .And the significant locations are encrypted with your Touch ID . You need activate location based alerts to make your phone alert you about something in some place . And much more .This YouTube video is a real crap .

  13. Gustavo says

    In other words making the phone useless . ??

  14. Odell Cheatham says


  15. Joe Schuett says

    How do you get rid of the loading spinning wheel next to the antenna

  16. Minnie Hartshorne says

    Did not allow me to clear Significant Location history in iOs 13. 🙁

  17. Károly Bíró says

    Thank you for the video. Helped a lot. Just got my new iPhone.

  18. J Wyckes says

    Safari- Advanced- Experimental Features. What should be activated for best performance and/or privacy?

  19. Mulhem Alawadi says

    I have a question can u guys make a video about how to save Mobil data / Celluar

  20. 13noman1 says

    Really appreciate the info and step by step. I know it's 2020 but strange as it may sound, I'm a newbie to IOS after the last Android update crashed my Pixel 2. Picked up an iPhone 11 yesterday so I knew I had some work to do!

  21. Haruna Walugembe says

    Great guys thanks for sharing good information

  22. ahmad nn says

    You could have done way better?. These are boring setting to adjust.

  23. Varazdat Nickos Manukyan says

    Very helpful!

  24. WhiteDraqon says

    Why I was not able to delete my history in Significant history settings? It shows me I cannot, the end. But why…

  25. Laura Softheart says

    How to block unwanted texts? We use to be able to.

  26. Luccas Santos says

    Thanks to give me options to have privacy again. ( by the way, I turn off all these options while I was watching the video). ????

  27. ronstuveling says

    (Bedankt voor de goede tips) Thanks

  28. Bumjung Kim says

    Thanks for the great information! I got a new iPad from my workplace and this is my first time using iOS products. I really hate some features of Apple products and you guys helped me disable all of those. Thanks!

  29. Hide says

    thanks guys

  30. Jose de Vicente says

    Ooooorrrr you can turn on low power mode and it takes care of like 90% of all they did

  31. Werner Ehrlich says

    Thank you for these excellent tips. Very useful! I just subscribed to your channel.

  32. McArthur says

    How do i disable Airplay? No one has been able to answer this for me

  33. Tommy G. Låbbman says

    note that if you turn off the compass calibration, your blue dot in the maps will not show the direction anymore….

  34. SUPPAUL says

    Thanks for the info. What's the screen recorder (app?) you are using to capture the p[hone as you are scrolling?

  35. Mr Coffee says

    You can just set location while using app

  36. Kimi Casili Vlogs says

    thank you! i hope this saves my battery life.

  37. Alex Linders says

    2:32 I don’t even have that setting???

  38. Theodore Pampoukas says

    hey guys is there a setting that the scroll can change from down to up in texts and emails

  39. Nour Islam Kahalerras says

    Jus use the low power mode ?

  40. Sam says

    Just let them listen to your Siri conversations so Siri stops sucking so bad.

  41. astroshroud says

    thanks for the tips, guys!saves tons of battery. 🙂

  42. Vybez says


  43. Noverante says

    Thx a lot

  44. Xia-Yuen LaLonde says

    question please…how do I add a contact in a group message after? it doesn't show an Add Contact anymore?

  45. Min Wade says

    Hi guys could you speak a little more slowly, especially when giving instructional vids? Vid speech starts OK, then you both seem to get into “fast tech babble” (I know it’s exciting n’all, but it’s annoying having to replay parts of video). Thank you. Keep up the good work

  46. Risho Siva says

    Thank you guys

  47. Pablo R. Assor-Vásquez says

    Hi there, thank you for your great videos.I have a Iphone 7 and I am on the keyboard section .It doesn´t pop up “Allow Full Access” but I have 3 options:QWERTYAZERTYQWERTZThe check mark is on the first one “QWERTY”Where should I put the checkmark to “Prohibit Full Access” I also write in 3 languages, might this be the reason while it´s different?Thank you in advance.

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