TES vs. FNC | Quarterfinal Game 5 | World Championship | Top Esports vs. Fnatic (2020)


2020 World Championship Quarterfinals Day 3 #Worlds2020

Top Esports vs. Fnatic

Top Esports Line up:
• 369 – Top Vladimir
• Karsa – Jungle Lee Sin
• knight – Mid Sylas
• JackeyLove – ADC Ezreal
• yuyanjia – Support Leona

Fnatic Line up:
• Bwipo – Top Gangplank
• Selfmade – Jungle Gragas
• Nemesis – Mid Twisted Fate
• Rekkles – ADC Senna
• Hylissang – Support Rakan

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  1. Nightpony inRface says

    geez. . . Nemesis became his own nemesis in the end

  2. Minh Vu says

    damn they really get obssessed with jkl lol

  3. Xiao en says

    FNC Ban Sion = lose
    FNC Ban nemesis =winn

    FNC Ban nemesis + selfmade = world champion team 2020

  4. La Vida Viva says

    Nothing Effective Midlane Emotionally Somehow Inting & Sour

  5. Hom Tolland says

    LEC vs LPL vs LCK?
    More like G2 and FNC vs. LPL vs. LCK

  6. yinok kim says

    TES are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my fav team 🙂 well done . I almost got heart attack thought they gonna lose to FNC🥺

  7. 落尘 says

    TES NB!!!!!!!

  8. Kevin Lee says

    This game was over from draft alone. TES smelled desperation from FNC's solo lanes. They went for comfort picks in GP and TF and legit got counter picked with sylas and vlad with two safe bot lanes on each side.

    This was a ticking time bomb in favor of TES in the beginning. Nemesis needs a bigger champ pool ASAP or fnc needs a new mid.

  9. Max Cormier says

    so heartbroken for fnatic omg… especially considering they almost won game 4 too. i had predicted TES vs DWG finals and said TES would win. not anymore. DWG will stomp them if they make it to finals. TES too many weaknesses

  10. Rom Zaj says

    Watch the drake fight at 29:30+ and tell me what the f… was Rekkles doing. Did he INT??

  11. Wufan Sun says

    mid diff

  12. lerololmao says

    Damn, FNC had an AFK midlaner the whole game. No right usage of Destiny even once. And he hold flash in that lvl. 3 gank.

  13. acidmeltedbrain says

    23:27 says it all.

  14. Alessandro Matera says

    15:00 series lost! Selfmade why didn't you go in???

  15. Necrodius says

    Everyone hating on nemesis only having a few champs is funny. If the enemy team target bans you, then you've pretty much set more champions open for your team. Heck, being target banned at professional level play is probably enough proof that he's formidable. Welp, TES fan here though so no complaints from me. It's just quite alluring how everyone BMs nemesis like they've gotten to worlds or played professional; getting all toxic at someone who doesn't even know you.

  16. rtre says

    Nemesis is weak as f

  17. Zhongzheng Wang says

    15:43 that insanely quick and smooth transition from q to ward+w from Karsa, incredible!

  18. kouzou8 says

    Nemesis overrated af, he is trash as expected, never understood the hype

  19. Natanel Arnson says


  20. Yuxuan Yang says

    Nemesis:" Doinb is the worst mid player in the world."

  21. Tùng LX says

    The self proclamed "best human in the world" Nemesis lost, yikes

  22. Bole Top says

    Mid gap huge this last 2 games, just a fact that TF did not use his R this whole game tells you enough. What a throw by fanatic.

  23. Pughhead says

    Yeah nice speech sjokz

  24. E L says

    I'm glad FNC lose. EU fans are cringy and delusional

  25. Zejin Wang says

    21:48 IG beautiful

  26. Math Beanie says

    EU LUL

  27. Lin Kevin says

    Bring back the S2 bo5 music !!!

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