Testing app compatibility with Android Studio


In this session, Michael will demonstrate how Android Studio is making it easier than ever before to test your apps compatibility across a wide variety of API levels and form factors.

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Michael Hazard

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  1. Coding in Flow says

    Thanks Batman

  2. Ruby H says

    It would be great if you include RAM usage as well, for my case 8gb is not enough to run 2 emulators at the same time smoothly ( studio 4.0 )

  3. werebuzy says

    Hey guys, I love your videos.
    I would be interested to know what software you use for the animations and the presentation

  4. Irodoku Puzzle says

    wait, api 30?

  5. Aritram Mondal says

    Please bring clip board protection to android. Apps must get our permission to access clip board by themselves.

  6. Даниел Кузманов says

    Very interesting material ?, and very useful ? … ?.

  7. Rıdvan Atmaca says

    It's great to watch this video on a device with Android Pie that probably won't get any more updates ?

  8. Trust on Allah says

    Love it

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