1. Heather Ball says

    Where are these young ladies now? Would love to hear them!

  2. Michael says

    texas tech .. final four

  3. Ramp Rat says

    They're called (4 of them) the Cactus Cuties and they went on to perform at even larger/televised venues like the NFL and 700 Club. Those videos are on YouTube as well.

  4. BMeister22 says

    This was uploaded 6 years ago….so these girls are probably double the age now

  5. TIBOR HIRE says

    i'm not an American, but this is fantastic!!!!!
    they are simply amazing, i just keep listening to them!

  6. scoolzdevries says

    Incredible, loved it.

  7. scoolzdevries says

    Incredible, loved it.

  8. casper3061 says

    For once I thoroughly enjoyed a harmonious rendition!!! They need bigger venues like the Texas Motor Speedway Nascar Race!!!!

  9. Robert Weniger says

    I know there's probably a reason there's no name on this act, but we gotta get them so much of a buzz that they get signed to a talent agency. Despite their young age, they need to get signed soon, or their singing talent may be lost. We gotta act quick!

  10. VMA225 says

    Excellent !!!

  11. Michigan football fan says

    the person who disliked this is a terrorist and hates america

  12. Mmd says

    One of the best I've ever heard! Makes me cry everytime! Amazing!

  13. Greg Chambers says

    I seen this a few years ago maybe 2 and I still have to watch it now and then! Absolutely Breathtaking!

  14. Phil Abrian says

    When I watched this, I got goosebumps all over me, the best version I have ever seen..beautiful voices . God bless those little girls… keep singing, our country needs inspirations like this..

  15. Sara Gardner Blow says

    Beautiful singing!! Loved it!!

  16. Matt Neary says

    Takes your breath away…the best I have ever heard!

  17. jantheempress says

    beautiful 🙂

  18. TheChiken Man says

    Are they called the "Cactus Lilies", or the "Cactus Cuties"?
    I always thought is was Lilies.

  19. Mama Miller says

    Will you PLEASE sing at the Super Bowl!

  20. chemostrat says

    One person dislikes this…? Who forwarded this to Christina Aguilera?

  21. Stephen Smith says

    This was awesome and did make me cry!!!!

  22. Hannah Lanham says

    beautiful!!!!!!! <3

  23. Peggy Carson says

    Gave me chills and made me tear up and I'm Canadian! Awesome arrangement and performance 🙂

  24. athan49 says

    @TheLeilisa no but you will get better in basketball 😛

  25. Timothy Baker says

    The only time that I ever heard the national anthem where everybody isn't loud and disrepectful to the preformers and tis great country

  26. Calvin Flood says

    Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Thumbs up

  27. Scorpius2003 says

    OMG…what an incredible performance..Chills going up and down my spine…

  28. jpofficialmusic says

    Better than any celeb who has performed it.

  29. 393coupe says

    Damn nice job ladies!!!

  30. ALPHA WOLF says

    these young ladies are so awesome. So much better than any professional that sings this and adds their own twist and ends up screwing it up

  31. nandi12341 says

    elliot you shouldnt be talking when they sound way better than you i can already tell by the mood they sang on tv shows and oprah even said they will be the next child stars

  32. ezsilver1 says

    @orgbadbob No, NH> Live Free or Die. I'm sure you as a leftist will agree with the die. So no more comments from me concerning this.

  33. ezsilver1 says

    @orgbadbob Yes, I know that! They are extremely talented. I am concerned for the kids more than you could ever fathom! I am not a Teabagger but they have real concerns about freedom. And every Democrat should hear these great kids because they have lost sight of our countries meaning and spirit. I made a factual Statement. Not making a Platform.

  34. Bob Detrick says

    @ezsilver Are you from Texas?? Then I apologize you are from another country.

  35. Bob Detrick says

    This was a video about some very talented kids. You turn it around and make your teabagging platform. Try going on drudge or some other place (try another country). This comment section should be on topic about how good the girls sounded.

  36. ezsilver1 says

    @orgbadbob I have one since I don't normally post on Youtube. But I guess you don't since you seem to wait around to badmouth people. I guess you OBVIOUSLY don't like yourself and must be somehow involved in the taking of money for corrupt politicians! So who do you work for? What democrat is that?

  37. Bob Detrick says

    Get a life.
    Obviously you don't have one.

  38. suefrue says

    @stratman06 no, they were ages 6,7,8,8,10…but currently they are 10,13,13,and 15, the second one on the right isnt in the group anymore

  39. Bri'ari Brianne Smith says

    sooo guud !!

  40. Rebecca ART. AKA ClayFeathers says

    I got chills! Awesome!!! The next new group for the younger generation? Could put Milley Cirus down on the ratings!! YOU GIRLS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

  41. Angelo Gillono says

    Great, Great, Great Song and Singers…

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