1. quy la says

    cho fan MU bot gay

  2. Nguyen Truong says

    Bruno bi pham loi nhieu qua

  3. Ollie 03 says

    De gea is the new karius

  4. DK Funny Videos' Factory says

    MAN U U UUUUUUUUU✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg8plE122BSEgRgLuw6bkxw?sub_confirmation=1

  5. Evans Idi says


  6. Kevin Were says

    Great goal from Giroud Chelsea outshines degea can't wait for the North London derby fa final

  7. ayu carolina says

    Aduh manchester united vs chelsea menang chelsea bukanya mu

  8. Harith Gaming says

    De gea out

  9. Harith Gaming says

    De gea out

  10. Abdu rizal says

    This is Red Devils??? ?? #IDON'TTHINKSO

  11. Harith Gaming says

    De gea out

  12. Gerardo Rodríguezz says


  13. Irvine Munyonho says

    De Gea is useles

  14. Blang7 says

    Ty Viet

  15. Michael says

    Ole lost it by starting Degea over Romero despite his excellent FAcup form. If it wasnt for Degea's errors The game could have been very tight and close.


    i said it chelsea yeeeeeeeeewhoooooooooo

  17. Na Yosa says

    chelsea will win the final

  18. Thao Nguyen says

    Manchester are nothing without the Var

  19. Ujang Rahman says

    Meni hemt the blues

  20. Vin vin says

    Copying jorginho penalty trick #bruno fernandes

  21. Amj 2Wavy says

    Ik we was going to win??

  22. Bouna Aboubakry Tambédou says

    I loooooove Chelsea. Great afternoon. Leicester loses against Tottenham, and Chelsea in Fa cup Final???????

  23. César Ochoa says

    Degea crash

  24. Moses Adongo says

    Please I said we will beat United 3- 1

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