The $20,000,000 Lifestyle of 6ix9ine


6ix9ine has easily become one of the most eccentric rappers to come up in the hip hop game over the past few years. The 24 year-old has managed to get himself into a lot of sticky situations, while also building up a fan base that has 6ix9ine living fairly comfortably, despite the fact that almost the entire hip hop community despises him. 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and rose to mainstream fame in 2017, and in just 3 years, has worked his way up to an estimated net worth of $20,000,000. With signature face tattoos and extravagant rainbow themed looks, 6ix9ine has certainly made himself hard to ignore. And if 6ix9ine’s looks and music don’t quite scream loud enough, the rapper has publicly flashed expensive luxurious items such as his iced out My Little Pony chain, worth a whopping $95,000 which features real human hairs on the horses mane. 6ix9ine even managed to buy a fleet of luxury cars worth way over a million dollars in total… while on house arrest. Curious on what else 6ix9ine spends his money on? Well then, we’ve got you covered. Here is an exclusive look inside the $20,000,000 Lifestyle of 6ix9ine.

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The $20,000,000 Lifestyle of 6ix9ine
Written By: Pluggy (@Pluggy_)
Narrated By:Rodney Tompkins

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  1. Bonzo says

    As much as I hate him, I am surprised at how generous he is to the poor people and the elderly of the Dominican Republic. Huge respect.

  2. Kia Curry says

    Where does he live tho

  3. Chris H. says

    He still a little bish.

  4. Wouter R says

    Mclaren for 250k hahhaHe has a p1 gtr that goes for 3 million+

  5. T&T Tv lit videos everyday says

    and they frammed him like he a bad person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TheLivingLegend says

    Do Justin Bieber

  7. Tez Brodeur says

    t ya

  8. Stephen Luther says

    6ix9ine ain't worth no 20 million. Lol never had been. This snitches net worth is around 4 to 6 million. Quit bullshitting

  9. Dashikardashian Bs’n says

    I love these! 🙌👏But where does Apple tell you about monthly listeners ?

  10. Salomon Sanchez says

    This man makes my annual salary in a week. Wish I had it like that .

  11. Ashton Galloway says

    Where is you getting this form there no website saying he worth 20,000,000

  12. Kim J-N says


  13. ky contraband says

    I mean he is flexin tho

  14. asfDevon says

    I really laughed at when he said my little pony chain I couldn’t hold it in🤣

  15. King of Oxydents says

    I always come back to this channel like once every month to see if there's a new lifestyle video. This time there was 2 in a row, i was pleasantly surprised 🙂

  16. Atrivis Perry says

    He got more money when he broke the record

  17. BLVCKH3VRT says

    He celebrates pride week every day

  18. MADD MANX says

    6ix9ine is basically cursed, he literally has be with security 24 hours everyday of his life, to go ANYWHERE really. And he has to pay A LOT of mula just for body guards to be by his side all the time. It's sad, but then again, he done it to himself

  19. filipe ferreira lopes says

    The way he said richard mille😂

  20. Daniyal says

    Can you do lil baby

  21. Saltyz Clan says

    imagine buying all that with vbucks

  22. Vibing with nature. says

    I wish I can make as much as 69 makes

  23. The Legend says

    6ix9ine needs a movie THE RISE AND FALL AND RISE of the Rainbow Warrior

  24. Ezaka Daniel says

    69 killin em 🤑lambo lord🚘🤪🤘

  25. Mike Fleming says

    Do crime history of Griselda rap group

  26. Gavin Smith says

    He not gonna have a life soon😭

  27. Victor Garcia says


  28. James Vu says

    Idc if he’s rich he still a snitch 🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. chekk onetwo says

    After that last album release he hasn't even got CLOSE to his normal money take. Kid will be broke in 2-3 yrs

  30. ItzMe TJ says

    Criminal history of comethazine????????

  31. Acesiz Official says


  32. ariel gorden says

    He is a rainbow rapper

  33. caiphas ahab says

    If I snitch on Rafael Caro Quintero I'd get $20,000,000 dollars 💵 😆.

  34. Less Than Zero says

    He is not worth $20M 🤣🤣 GTFOH

  35. Greyson Simmons says

    Suprised this isn’t trending

  36. Ty says

    Risked his life to sell 50k

  37. Young B says


  38. Jason Portillo says

    Raps not always honorable so get over the snitching

  39. Micho Rizo says

    500k a show… yea, 6ix9ine is washed🤣😂😂

  40. L Crumby says

    I heard Snitches get stitches, how is this dude still relevant?🤔but i can't even hate. Get that paper

  41. MikeJinx Music says


  42. John Maweu says

    Who can hate him surely? 😂😂😂

  43. Shay Wilson says

    The criminal history of lil boosie.

  44. Waldo Gotchubent says

    the most CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT YOUTUBE UPLOADER ON THE PLATFORM !!! Love the videos but hate the months of waiting for videos

  45. TDD 23 says

    u need to post more!!!

  46. jujufxckalot _ says

    DO DDG

  47. jujufxckalot _ says


  48. Itz Jose !! says

    Do Migos lifsyle

  49. Perez says

  50. Melike Akar says


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