1. Hope Young says

    This is waaaaay out dated. Not to mention WRONG.

  2. PIPE UP Network says

    David Whannel: It is preposterous to argue that the noise from wind turbines is in any way comparable to the health effects of global climate change. Wind turbines should be located away from people. End of story.

  3. David Whannel says

    How about commissioning just one single full medical study on the negative effects on health from wind turbines. To claim health commitment here is an outright lie or we would have had at least one, right? How many years have they been oversubsidised to go on testing the population as guinea pigs? Some clues: they've changed every law to ensure they don't have to record the noise which every recent (yet non medical) study has called on for more (medical) research, see the timeline since the 70's here when they've now silenced NASA's findings and by using dbA instead or one that will actually show low frequency is a joke – the negative impacts of which are already well known.http://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline/latest/embed/index.html?source=0Ak2bgr7C0nhPdGR3S1lEekU3T3p4ZDhUNDdRV2Y2ZkEhttp://oto2.wustl.edu/cochlea/wt4.htmlhttp://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs13762-014-0581-4But we don't get flashy videos telling us what political choices we must act upon from anyone without serious backing do we now?

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