The 7th Pichichi of Lionel Messi ● All 25 Goals in La Liga 2019/20


All of Messi’s 25 goals during the 2019/20 La Liga campaign.

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  1. Messi TheBoss says

    As promised, here it is: All of Messi's 25 goals during the 2019/20 La Liga campaign.
    His 7th pichichi, the most by any player.
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  2. Explore adventure says

    If you are a true fan of messi then like this comment

  3. Tao Ni says

    It's a super season for a football player. But just a mundane season for Leo. Sigh.

  4. Ronaldo Delly says

    Give me money

  5. Bright Days Ahead says

    4:38 typical Messi dance

  6. নবীন ইসলাম রিধ says

    The GOAT ?

  7. Admas Phlip says

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  8. - Lùrn says

    The only thing Ronaldo can do better than Messi in a football pitch is Nothing

  9. Othuke Emmanuel says

    He just makes football look too easy…

  10. artur barbosa says

    messi ex player
    in ectivity

  11. Irene Mothi says

    Messi… it's magical Messi he just takes easy on them ?⚽⚽

  12. Adhus vlog says

    ????????????? ? ??? ??? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ?? ????? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ?????

  13. Midhun lennonx says

    some linhardhino fans disliked

  14. Itachi † says

    Messi is the only player that can take the penaltys but still ends up scoring more goals from freekicks

  15. Ron Simpson says

    I wouldn’t be so disappointed in Barcelona, if they came home with just one trophy this year. The champions league…

  16. Adam Vasconcellos says

    what they call a bad season for messi is something not even 99% of players will achieve lol thats how fucked up his level of football is… the guy is insane at this point your mental health is questionable if you deny he is the best ever. the guy is an alien i want to know whats wrong with him to be that out of norm. he is not merely out of norm. he is FAR away from what is considered normal. even what is considered out of norm. he is out of the out of norm. leo messi just insanity at this point GOAT

  17. Fresh Lino says

  18. Alvaro Rojas says

    Gracias leo Messi SOS un genio y eso dos meses sin jugar y sus números son asombrosos para los q no saben sus números aquí se los hago saber 21 asistencias,25 goles y 7 pichichis seguidos y no es el mejor dela historia por favor que fútbol ven gracias Messi Dios te bendiga y ha tu familia SOS el más grande

  19. kùn Agüero says

    This man is incomparable ?

  20. Sadman Shipon says

    Best of all time ??

  21. Ronaldo Le brésilien says

    Pour les fan de Benzema merci d’avance pour ceux qui prenne juste 2min ✌️?

  22. Arik megrabyan says

    Best ever!

  23. Abdurrahman Zafar says

    No one Should ever expecte ENOUGH from him

  24. rambabu chippada says

    Feel better if commentary is added

  25. RostyK says

    Pichichi de liga porq Ronaldo le pasó con la v3rg4

  26. Alex Tapia says

    Lionel Messi sigue en su mejor momento y el Barcelona lo está desperdiciando

  27. Cuk Wibowo says


  28. MacSteve epic99 says

    Don't understand why benzema was voted best player in la liga

  29. MacSteve epic99 says

    Messi is badder when he's got his beard on

  30. NotDani says

    This is the exact reason why Messi is the best in the world, he does not just get goals but he gets assists as well. Ronaldo could not compete with someone with so much talent

  31. Gregory Sappor says

    Five direct freekicks!!!

  32. Andrew Berdysh says

    00:40 – who knows model of this boots?

  33. Monohor Ali says

    23 number wa the funniest. have you seen?

  34. 图们 says

    重要的是冠军!!35球又能怎样?你还是败将!不知道是梅西出问题了?还是俱乐部管理有问题 巴萨问题多多 那么多钱都打水漂了

  35. Fiery Biscuits says

    The guy is god-like

  36. Mohammed Shibili Kutty mon says


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