The American "Wild" West RV Trip – Traveling Robert


Our fabulous trip around the “Four Corners”, the area where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico intersect, also epitomized by Hollywood as the “Wild West”

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We travel aboard a 2015 Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB travel trailer. You are more than welcome to tag along in our travels by subscribing to this channel.

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Additional action camera: GoPro Hero 3 White Edition
LED light: NEEWER 160 LED CN-160
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Tripods and selfie sticks:
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod
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  1. mazzjohn says

    Now during the pandemic is a good time to visit expansive and empty West Texas:

  2. Sabrina Safi says

    watch our exciting RV Trip

  3. C.L. Mallard says

    Hey Robert when you put that sewage hose in the sewer at your first rv spot, you put it way to far in…most only go in a couple inches which means it wasn’t clean when you pulled it out

  4. Christopher M says

    Wow those walls Lower Antelope Canyon look like a Dali painting. I did hear you say surreal. Beautiful, thanks Robert

  5. WebmastersDesktop says

    hahahahaha – that is so funny – you still kicked butt with your earlier videos – I swear you are a trooper – you let nothing stop you – I love it! So from all your music, my most favorite song: Desert Rain I love many of them as favorites and listen to them all. But Desert Rain just kills it. My only complaint is these songs are too short. I think each one should be 5-10 minutes, an hour would be better, but hey, I get it – repeat, right – lol.As you know I cannot get enough of your music and videos.

  6. Bhaskar Chatterjee says

    What a great viewing. I was really impressed by the beauty of nature and that too sitting at home in Kolkata, India. This was my Sunday entertainment. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful travel blog.

  7. John Ninness says

    wow what a vid thank you from australia

  8. Teresa Forsyth says

    Robert, consider touring West Virginia. For someone new, this state geography and history might entertain you. I live in the far Eastern panhandle and we could help you out with logistics here. Near I-81. I-95 is about an hour East.

  9. Vip Eng says

    Great job

  10. emma benedek says

    UTUBE ROBERT.2.8.20. Not Spell Checked.Weve indicated it before and will do so again. Theres several valid ways to regard this filming. You can look at what he points the camera at.Mostly silently or with horrific musik. You can hear his commentary. You can evaluate what is filmed.and so on. We have prev valued Robert for the way he copes with the task. We like his ego less ways. We did query why there are so many helpers listed and wondered what they do and how much they earn.Whilst the series was a novelty at first we are now a bit bored and more than annoyed with this format. The mountains and rural sights are indeed amazin particularly for folks outside of US. However we are no highly aware of what goes on behind the facde of US and UK. Lets consider Boston. Thats where turmoil existed for yrs following the influx of Europeans.The problems included imports and the Brits. They were, in majority, not as kids are taught. escaping religous persecution. A 100 of them were just opportunists who had been funded by business and others in London. Of the apprx 150 two thirds were soon dead. They had been hoodwinked by the ships skipper and got landed at the wrong place. They had arranged to go to Virginia.They did not land where Robert claims Plymouth Rock. The skipper was bribed.The only reason the natives did not get rid of them is, there was a sickness epidemic. Had the natives been able to drive them out it may have saved some of them from the genocide which killed most of them. In Boston the UK troops fired on crowd and killed some. As usual the soldiers got excused by Courts. (just like today). All hell was brewaking out in the area Boston over the yrs. Therefore we somewhat are at odds with Roberts actic of wandering about the streets looking at ststues, buildings, cafes, pubs, shops without much explanation about the place. He does not even pause lon enough to allow the reading of notices on monuments and statues. In Chicago we were flabbergased to see a giant bronze depicting a native american. There vwas no mention of it whatsoever but Robert will spend time showing us plates of food or glasses of beer. We prev mentioned the Washington trip where among the billion dollar spending were people sleeping on the pavement. Robeert was more interested in shops than them.We now find this series boring and irritating in the extreme. What criteria was used to decide what goes on re filming. Is it org by an Art graduate.How come the elusive and secretive wife didnt jab his ribs.By the way the excuse for torturing,setting fire too,raping and shooting and beating the natives was "religion". Was it not the soldiers of the 3rd Reich who had belt buckles thus- "for god and country". Was it not the Generals who prayed to God for help in eliminating Russia, Its seems to me that the viewers have short memories and absent conciences. We are not best pleased by seeing muti billion dollar buildings with trumps name on them either. He inherited business started by German father who made money from propertyy speculation and prostitution. The press stae tat 26 women acuse trump of sex assaults but you go on voting for him. Thewriting analysis we did shows a amazing similarity to the leaders of the Reich.The signs are aggression. So since 1600 the US has not learned the lessons. A steel works shut down in Pen because the workers demanded fair wages and welfare in return for doing the most risky and unhealthy work. How is it thast at that time an actress bragged she had a million pounds worth of clothes. ? Feel sorry for Calif? No thanx. We are busy stuffing our faces witrh food. We dont sit here staring at awful Cities like Chicago. We are demanding justice in UK thats why we are being subjected to police violence. We refer to 30.000 avoid deaths and 12 yrs traipsing Cent London streets accompanied by victims.Our conscience is buoyant. Is yours.We regret his engine issue after having a new one. Thats stress.

  11. vistagraphsnet says


  12. Juan Hernandez says

    Why do you sound like Antonio banderas

  13. Bass Reeves says

    You are brave! I just will never know what's it's like at the summit of the Rockies. No way.😬

  14. Bass Reeves says

    It's really strangely comforting that you use about 4 or 5 of the same instrumentals in these. I find myself humming along. The slower smooth jazz sounding one is my fave. Lol

  15. lacrossed55 says

    Ok Robert, I'm convinced you watch Ghost Adventures

  16. WebmastersDesktop says

    Of all the channels about RV's yours is the best.

  17. Tijuana Mike says

    thank u robert for letting me see the country from my bed room

  18. Logan Hanssen says

    Anyone that reads this from Denver. How can you live there??? How can you live in an apartment or condo that is over an mile high??? How does anyone work in those skyscrapers??? Now your almost 2 miles higher. If I am wrong in the height department please correct me. Just love those Smart Cars. See 1:30:46 on the video. I sat in one years ago and man they are tight for a man who is about 6'0" and 250LBS. I bet those 2 women on 1:30:56 are hot. I happen to be an Anime, Comic Book, and Sci-Fi fan and the costumes they make take a lot of money and time to make. I like the Catwoman, Black Cat, and the guy that was Bane from the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" Cons like that are usually 3 to 4 days. Whoever is in those Wonder Woman and Evil Supergirl on 1:34:27 are awesome and they really did an awesome job. Also the women are hot.

  19. dcbornmike says

    Thanks for posting! Very beautiful video! I have also visited several of the places in the video. I would be too scared to drive that road up to Mt Evans!!I also enjoyed an earlier video you did in Alaska on the Dalton Highway to Arctic Circle and north. I drove up there from my home here in Washington DC. Just loved Alaska!Looking forward to new videos!!

  20. Fietsen in Enschede e.o. says

    Here in the South of The Netherlands we have something similar to Four Corners Monument. A spot where the three countries Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands intersect. Thus, you can travel through 3 countries within a minute.That Lower Antilope Canyon is a good place to use for filming a scene of a Star Wars movie.

  21. Masada2 says

    Because of you; I have been able to travel from Florida to LA, Route 66 and best of all to the Grand Canyon which is my dream trip all, from under my doona. Thank you so much. My word pictures are alive and vivid. You are an excellent orator and unlike some you do not have long pauses. Am looking forward to following in even more exciting road trips.

  22. Masada2 says

    Your a man of many talents.

  23. Masada2 says

    I luv travelling with you.

  24. Masada2 says

    The Colorado River did not carve Grand Canyon – impossible! But one must not think, what did!

  25. Keeping It Real says

    The next time you are back go to the School of Mines in Golden Colorado, the School of Mines is a premier engineering school. Pretty much works famous Again great video.

  26. Keeping It Real says

    You did an outtstanding job of telling about everything! Thank you!

  27. Yusnier Mendoza Silva says

    Hi Robert! My family and I watch your videos for long time and we usually follow your same route as we live in 305. The only difference is we do no use RV but we stay in hotels, one day we will have our own RV. We just came back for this exactly trip to the Wild West! Amazing!

  28. Carlos Ceballos says

    Enjoy watching this video. Definitely on my bucket list. How many miles total was this trip from start to finish?

  29. eladsgarr says

    Did they ever did Adam?

  30. 楊漢傑 says

    It's so fun to watch your video and I like your mom too. thank you.

  31. mind hunter says


  32. Daffy Duck says

    You are a very good narrarator I like your accent. I enjoyed your video very much. Thanks for producing this for YouTube

  33. Kim Hicks says

    My phone is charged and I am back to finish this awesome video with you. Thanks for the ride👍🌟🙏😁

  34. AwkwardJohn777 says

    These here are your best travel videos

  35. Joe says

    Really 5 pm is the hottest part of the day

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