The Android Transporter for the Raspberry Pi


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The Android Transporter allows you to easily share and display content wirelessly via a Apple Airplay like technology.
With our latest version we support the Raspberry Pi which allows you to easily share the display content of your smartphone or tablet wirelessly with a television set or a beamer. Just watch the amazing demo video.

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  1. Adi Whiteman says

    WHY YOU DONT SHOW HOW TO DO THAT !? Without a tutorial the video is useless !

  2. Heinz Alberto says

    Please paste a link or discripton to do dis, it's amazing!

  3. XorgMC says

    That's a Nexus 4, right?Where can i download the firmware for Nexus 4?? 🙂

  4. Bugsy Siegals says

    Does the Raspberry Pi and Android phone need to be connected to the same home wireless router in order to connect with one another? If so, could you use the Wireless Hotspot software, turning your Android into a hotspot, and connect to the Raspberry Pi to the phones hotspot network in order to stream to it?

  5. Darren Rainey says

    if you link your raspberry pi into your video capture card it can be used for recording your phone's screen

  6. redkard1979 says

    will it work for a tablet?

  7. Peter says

    This is awesome! I already have a Pi so how do I do this/where do I get the item/program to do this?

  8. Aderbal Nunes says

    I have a RPI, and a Wi-Fi dongle, which needs to be installed / configured?

  9. Fernando Maldonado says

    I have a samsung s3 and a media hub minix neo x5… it would be very convenient to mirror the phone into the media hub without the need of cables… it it possible to use the app or software you are using?

  10. MTLbigJ says

    i don't mean to burst your bubble, and I have both a raspberry and an android phone, but you can get an MHL adapter for much cheaper than this set up :/

  11. Johnny Xzander says

    i put a video of how to do it, check it out, its for the nexus 7 and i used multirom

  12. Johnny Xzander says

    i uploaded a video of it, but you could search for the android transporter rom.

  13. Johnny Xzander says

    yup, i uploaded a video of it working with vlc player and the nexus 7

  14. droldg says

    is it only on nexus 4?

  15. agustin corona says

    if i dont have a raspi can i use a mac or a windows pc?

  16. MrPixlas says

    Awesome! Just super!
    Netgear ptv3000 has nothing on this!

  17. jake herbert says

    this is exactly wehat i was trying to find id like to use this software to build smart sound systems

  18. Hanet Liao says

    It's very cool. would you like share how to have the function like what you show.

  19. MrBosiwollig says

    Can we download the android transporter? can't find a link? :s

  20. Shawn Sato-Veillon says

    +1 on that! I just ordered my bluetooth micro keyboard w/track pad, so will have bluetooth on the RPi… this makes me also wonder if there is an app that can turn any smart phone into a keyboard/mouse. Hmmm….

  21. Teh Psychedelic Experience says

    ETA? "When it's ready"? I'd love to use my Pi for this…

  22. Michael Edie says

    What's the ETA for the first release?

  23. pushvanjay says

    This looks cool. Looking forward to being able to stream Spotify from my phone to my AV Receiver 🙂

  24. Eduardo Romaguera says

    What about the LAG !?

  25. GamerDomey says

    When will it be available? And do you need beta testers? If so I can be one. Thanks!

  26. Christoph Klar says

    Gute Idee ich werde es dann mal versuchen

  27. Systemtrottel says

    can i still download it? thx

  28. Joseph Halder says

    This is too awesome, I have a Nexus 7 and a RPi in hand to test with!

  29. Sheriff Blatz says

    Its going to be open source..So I assume free?

  30. ssbtoday says

    No shit Sherlock! It's wirelessly streaming it, so obviously sending a video stream over HDMI would be identical.

  31. danr says

    What is the racing app/game?

  32. JuliuszLTV says

    Am I wrong, or Nokia N8 did it with audio 2 years ago?

  33. MrZiemwit says

    so i can to 90% of this by widi or I can buy tv box with anroid … RPi ok but for 10$ max

  34. Stein-Erik Dahle says

    Amazing! So looking forward to receiving my RPi!

  35. Al Iguana says

    awesome. would like this integrated into RaspXBMC somehow, then it would be perfect

  36. gaijintendo says

    I assume some android video players allow you to delay audio a few miliseconds – regardless.

  37. gaijintendo says

    I assume this isn't streaming audio? Simply the "Screen Content" – yes?

  38. edwin vega says

    this would work on a non nfc device?

  39. edwin vega says

    this would work on a non nfc device

  40. Maza says

    wow great job man 🙂

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