The best 10-year-old basketball player in the U.S. (Jashaun Agosto)


This is a glimpse into the best 10 year old point guard in North America’s daily Basketball practice routine. This is the original, the video before he appeared on the front page of the Seattle Times, The NY Times, ABC World News, Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, North West Afternoon, The Tacoma Tribune, The Seattle P.I., Erics Little Hero’s, VJIAM, Komo 4 News, CBS News, Dime Magazine Online, Fox Sports, and before he recieved letters from D1 Colleges. As a 4th grader he plays up vs 6th & 7th graders. He practices 4 hours a day 7 days a week, outside of 3 days a week of AAU basketball practice and 3 days a week AAU track practice. All year round. The drills shown in this video are the basic drills he does. I purposely didn’t show the advanced drills. I didn’t make this to show off. I made this to inspire and show his work ethic. Believe me I could have showed some of his advanced drills that would have impressed College/Nba Coaches. Every day he does 40 different drills and in game simulations. I just don’t want every kid in America attempting to duplicate how I train. But the secret to his success is his heart and desire to get better every day. He is very coachable. You give him instructions and he carries them out to the T. What I didn’t show is his advanced two ball and one ball dribbling, His advanced defensive drills, his footwork drills, his advanced shooting drills,his many passing and timing drills, and his strenghth and conditioning basketball related workouts. The stuff he is getting on the daily is far superior to many of the 3 day or 1 week camps sponsered by the Pro’s. You couple that with his own personal drive…and you can see how he does what he does EVERY GAME.

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  1. pmccservices says

    Dribbling alone won't beat Radford

  2. Lorenshyne says

    So the end of the story is LIU Brooklyn. Next time money hungry father be more polite with the title.

  3. 寶山下智久 says

    Just saw this again and I checked out his recent recruitment of college.
    He's recruited by LIU, which is a NCAA D1 university. But the fact is that LIU doesn't produce many NBA players, and NEC isn't a competitive conference either.

  4. itz lolz says

    hes 5'10 now and hes going to be drafted into the nba in 2 years

  5. Jamie says

    Is he now the best 17 year old basketball player in the U.S.?

  6. gavin hinds says

    i can do that and im 12

  7. Jay Tru says

    great job 

  8. Troy Larrison says

    how old is this kid now

  9. ThePerfectAthleteManual says

    Young kids should definetly start with these motor skills at such a young age.  Dribbling drills in my book can be done by an age.

  10. samrox2000 says

    turn off the music

  11. prasad katreddi says

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  12. KentBaller says

    3:16 that dude got a BIG Afro

  13. Lul Neek says

    thats my older cousin

  14. Tom Chris says

    Wow, no need to be a douchebag about it.

  15. Bleach says

    This guy is utter perfect. Best kid basketball player in USA. He's in grade 9 right now. Hes 4x better. He's gurranteed NBA. He freaking plays pro football aswell. And top of all that, he gets straight A's!

  16. JayZilla25 says

    That's funny that you think that would be funny. He is now a sophomore in High School and he is 5ft 9, wears a size 12 shoe, palms a mens basketball easily and can dunk. Oh, and he is still growing! Does that disappoint you?

  17. tyshawn williams says

    i played and gusmacker so Ima give yull a tip u have to know how to dribble 3rd plac im in 3rd grade going vs 6th grade ok so thts wat up

  18. Kathy Leslie says

    He is a honor student.

  19. Kathy Leslie says

    he is awesone.

  20. ivailo stankov says

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  21. ripxxc says

    Remember I called it, he'll be the next MIchal jordan..

  22. KAM TheMan says

    damn im 10 and I play with 13-18 year old players this makes me wanna play with nba players

  23. KAM TheMan says

    im 10 and im catching up to what he WAS when he was 10 man this shit just inspires me to work harder and harder.

  24. Yolo Worthy says

    Not being a Hater but I think you're cutting out the misses 😛

  25. haroon singh says

    put up a video with no skips like he fully o keeps on playing alright thatll eplain hes good i agree hes aweosme better than me

  26. Connor Keegan says

    What too upset he'd kick ur ass

  27. Eliud Vela says

    what about jordan

  28. Carol Kuhlman says


  29. мурад ик says

    офигеть пацан

  30. Sean Hardman says

    so tiny he looks like he's dribbling the earth

  31. brandon smalley says

    cool video… the kid has talent for sure. I highly doubt his mile and sprinting times, but you cant doubt his dribbling skills at all

  32. YoungHoopGodz says

    everyone search "triggatravhoopz"..He's only 10 in the 5th grade playing with older kids check him out !!! share, comment, suscribe!!

  33. GARNET RED says

    very cool =). how tall do they expect him to be?

  34. Tino 314 says

    lets see u play one on one against him and see if u still talk shit when u have to walk with crutches tuh dam haters

  35. Rajon Rondo says

    allen iverson?

  36. barry allen says

    great skills and support ,,.. not sure the music ups his brand?… kid is a stud..

  37. Julie Mcgregger says

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