The Best Amazing Soccer Kid Talent 10 years old Kamron HD


2 Amazing Goals and Amazing Skills,2013. This is Kamron Habibullah.only 10 years old!The Next Lionel Messi.Fc Barcelona.future star!
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  1. Hay Plays says

    This kid thinks he is special

  2. Syznic says

    Nice I know the field you were at aka Burnaby lake

  3. SkULL says

    Heck no, this man is not at all the best

  4. Alkis Karmpaliotis says

    i got a friend thats like 10 times better

  5. D. Jay says

    Sorry but I don't see anything amazing about this kid hes one footed and my 10 year old would run circles around him, FC ManUnited Walnut California

  6. Jennifer Lynn says

    If he is on rec ok but do not let him on travel. For rec he's good

  7. A person says

    Makes 1/10 shots

  8. Chris Weldon says

    the next BIG thing

  9. Os10 baller says

    great video, check out oscars first football tutorial age 5

  10. Gabino Tapia says

    You mind lookin at my video and checking out some 10 year old talent ?

  11. Roastar says

    His good, but not best

  12. Patrick Guan says

    he is not that good i can do better i come from Canada and he SUCK

  13. Ibrahim Aliyu says

    which nation is he

  14. 1player999 says

    what is special

  15. Dylan Lucas says

    I have seen kids 3 times better than he is at his age

  16. Erdbeeren sind nice says

    He is not the best but he is good for his age. ;D

  17. Jose Cortes says

    What talent

  18. Markus Erik says

    What so „amazing" about him, his hots are weak, he does normal passes and gets pass one man

  19. amazinglouisbeloou says

    Not amazing,still, he's not the worst I've seen.Keep training hard and he could be better.Remember, strive for progress not perfection.???????

  20. Arcaina Gaming says

    He is really only good at teamwork. I mean I am a little older than him and is better.

  21. The Savage Family says

    im better than that and im 9

  22. teachmeps says

    one of the better videos I have seen because it's actual clips from actual games where a player needs to not only show ball control but also situational awareness. every video up until now was of kids showing off their "skills" on their own, without anyone trying to take the ball from them.

  23. Lochlan says

    i could have done that, really anyone could have! well not everyone

  24. Shaun Xu says

    lol 2:10 is crappy goal no offense

  25. Shaun Xu says

    anyone can do that

  26. Shaun Xu says

    kid is bad. . . no offense

  27. Mackenzie Brickey says

    O_O He can pass and miss goals….SOOOO goood

  28. Colorless Kitty says

    I don't think this kid can keep up with me when I have the ball I'm super fast!

  29. JjRs20 says

    im 9 and im better than him

  30. George Maridis says

    Next messi my ass, he isn't even the best on his team

  31. Skillzo™ says

    i am better

  32. Alex Moon says

    not that great

  33. Manuel G says

    He is a good passer tho

  34. Hermann Þór says

    sorry but this is very bad def

  35. Uma Charles says


  36. Uma Charles says

    he just runnin around

  37. Uma Charles says

    i can do better

  38. Uma Charles says

    this is not even called an amazing goal

  39. Ramyxfa says

    i can take the ball from him so easy

  40. Benjamin Nussbaum says

    He's not very good he just runs in circles the whole time

  41. Juannchoo10 says

    My cousin plays better and he's 5

  42. outlawglobe thiftyfive says

    Lol they made 2:10 look like a good goal but really it's was crap

  43. outlawglobe thiftyfive says

    He is not the best but he does pass

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