The Best Cheap Android Phones in 2020


Who says good phones have to be expensive? Flagship phones are exciting, but not everyone needs to spend $1000 to get the latest and greatest features. We’ve put together a list of some of the best affordable phones on the market!

Moto G Power:
TCL 10L:
Samsung Galaxy A51:
Nokia 7.2:

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  1. Shane P. says

    This guy looks like a knock off Harry Potter

  2. John Scigulinsky says

    you might also wanna know that there are last years' flagships available for a lot less than their MSRP… I got the LG G8s for around 350€. Even flagships from 2 years ago have chips that can stand up to the current Snapdragon 6xx or 7xx series, plus you usually get vastly superior camera tech. They usually do get newer versions of Android still, but if you're in a pinch, a custom ROM might be helpful there…

  3. Subhokar Bose says

    Please share me the wallpaper at 2:30

  4. Kongolox says

    notch.. no thx

  5. Tadas Aš says

    Brand new 512gb s10+ costs 450€ on aliexpress

  6. Reetu Ilmari says

    Why not any Xiaomi phones? They are incredible value!

  7. N9IBZED says

    Unless the notch gets killed be it a notch a teardrop or punch hole cut out I will be sticking with my Google Pixel 4XL as my daily driver and my iphone SE as my back up because even the cheap android phones have that stupid display intrusion and to me that is a deal killer

  8. Adam Hammack says

    I LOVE my Pixel 3A. Camera is unbeatable, and I get 2 days' battery life most of the time (during quarantine, anyway)…

  9. إبن العراق says

    Best phone under 400$ in my country will be either s10lite (360$) in my country or (x2pro) (330$)

  10. william castle says

    Pixel 3(not 3a) on Amazon/renewed for ~$250 is a crazy good deal. An excellent if not still one of the best cameras, stock Android 11(which is awesome), excellent form factor and decent battery life. Waterproof and wireless charging as well.

  11. IAmGoombaSniper says

    I wanted a fingerprint scanner so bad in the logo on the Nexus 6, and all these years later they finally did it when we already have them in display.

  12. Doom's Way says


  13. NDNEWC says

    Hayato Huseman = down vote

  14. newfnshow031 says

    The screen on the Moto g is terrible and the network connection and cameras are bad plus you only get one os update

  15. Geeky basil empire says

    All samsung phones are my choice

  16. Chemy Torres says

    Nice selection

  17. Product Consumer says

    S10 lite goes for about $380 USD on eBay. Just got that last week around this price point. The value of what I felt I get over the mid range just isn't justified to me. Otherwise I was going to get the s20+.

  18. Mehdi River says

    The xiaomi mi a3 6gb and 128gb version is currently my personnal phone since 4 months, really satisfied with, but some laggin while scrolling especially are noticable here and there but nothing majore, the cameras are doing great especially with the google camera app with a great battey life.

  19. Chetan salunke says

    Over here in India the thing he wearing in his nose is a part of women's ornaments so it looks so weird and ugly on beard guy… rather the same thing should be in his ear that would definitely look Dope ?

  20. Chazz Ram says

    The best consideration of you could've done was to mention the Nokia I have a Nokia 7.1 and for such a cheap price I got one of the best mid range phones on the market absolutely amazing phone…best investment I've made in a phone in DECADES…

  21. bakervanb v2 says

    No OnePlus Nord????

  22. luku __7 says

    Should have waited for pixel 4a

  23. Cassia says

    I'd always buy an old model flagship over a budget interested to see a comparison video

  24. JustSayYeah says

    Lg g8

  25. Tanay Kothiala says

    Just dropped a like for the pleasant surprise, that is HAKEN!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  26. Raj Upadhyay says

    I think 2020 isn't the year to call a 4000 mAh huge. Also, that camera module on the TCL 10L is hugely ugly.

  27. JogBird says

    imo $400 is still too expensive

  28. UltraGoldCoin says

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  29. D_r__n Y says

    This is a US-centric list that's why there's no Redmi

  30. Alex Bregman says


  31. Franklin Hatch says

    iphone is still better

  32. Ronald Saravia says

    Best cheap phone LG G8 !!!

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