1. Amelie Deckx says

    I loved Alexander mcqueen tho

  2. Mkki 3D15 says

    Whats with all the pointy shoulders and bag/moo moo dresses?? I think theyve offically ran outta ideas. We need to go.back to dressing like they did in the 16th-17th-18th centuries…all fancy like.. People just looked more important back.then.. And we could do it so good today cuz we have deoderant and shampoo now!….

  3. miss bandeaux says

    Hello les filles 🙂 J'ai donc créé mon concept store Miss-Bandeaux. Ils sont beaux, pas cher, coloré, avec ou sans motif. Vous trouverez aussi des serre-têtes ou tout autre accessoire pour cheveux femme.https://miss-bandeaux.fr/collections/bandeaux-cheveux-mode

  4. Navila Zayer says

    they all look like 12 wtf

  5. Baby Ohh says

    It’s amazing;) love it))))) and where is Dolce and Gabbana? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????

  6. Hana Bakarsic says

    these walks are embarrassing…

  7. Angela Victoria says

    ??????✨ Family Fashion #damasexxy 2020 June ???‍?

  8. tessa zywiec says

    Painfully awful.

  9. Fortysomething BadGirls says

    Balmain is pretty futuristic in design. I like that.

  10. Goddess Universe says

    I love those black and Cloe’ Runways

  11. Goddess Universe says

    Phenomenal Fashion week Catwalks and Runway! We need these more live !

  12. Katherine Edgar says

    Bring back the 90's supermodels to teach these beautiful girls how to walk and look confident. Looking angry and clomping around does nothing for the clothes or them.

  13. anabellik says

    Isn't anyone going to comment on the outfits? I thought that's what fashion shows are about. 😉

  14. Nancy Anderson says

    why was there no one wearing masks or social distancing in the audience?

  15. Alek Big K says


  16. Rondol Kirkwood says

    Filming looks distorted! Like it was filmed with a old VSH Tape Recorder from the 80,s!

  17. Hakuna Matata says

    Hub of coronovirus

  18. Ben Hickman says

    What is the music

  19. Елена says

    Hello, what was the song used in this video? Thanks.

  20. Edwin ilian says

    I thought Alexander Mcqueen was launching his collections at London Fashion Week

  21. Teen wolf says

    0:52 I would wear it maybe when I become a ceo?

  22. Brooke B says

    balmain was the best

  23. Monika T says

    Few exercises more…20 kilos less and I will be like them. Let me check, what is in my wardrobe….

  24. Кристина Йоффе says

    Fashion died 🙁

  25. D says

    Rita Ora why do you think you can model? Stick to music babygirl. And what drugs was the casting director and Miu Miu on? Meth and Crack Cocaine?! Oh…I forgot. It's about money NOT skill. TRUTH.

  26. Massimo Squecco says

    tout court BADDD!

  27. MarvellousManic1 says

    2:24 would fit JEFFREY STAR ?!

  28. Anoni.mouse same says

    Paris is wonderful, just try to avoid Hotel Westminster. I booked their Deluxe 25m room and received 11,8m room (N. 114) with dirty bathroom instead. France….In any other country this would be unimaginable, but at Hotel Westminster Paris it is a norm. Bait and switch without apologies or price reduction for much cheaper room. You have been warned dear travelers.

  29. MeisterderSiegel says

    Mode-Beben! Frankfurt schnappt Berlin die Fashion Week weg

  30. frances quinn-escott says

    Gawd awful models scowling and thumping the runway. Nothing attractive and" off white " looks like porno actors awards red carpet outfits.

  31. Monika Michaelis says

    Still laughing, who in heck would wear that? Never mind pay for those things. I will not call them clothes.

  32. Edwin J says

    6:06 is how I would like the Aliens to look like if they invaded earth!

  33. Edwin J says

    Wonderful but, the models today don't have that Super Model energy that they had in the 90's.

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