THE BOTS – (Official Music Video) A Fortnite Parody Of "The Scotts" by Travis Scott


“THE BOTS” A Fortnite Parody of The Scotts by Travis Scott!

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  1. xDogged says

    Like the song says "SMASH A LIKE" ? Check out both rappers in the description. Also subscribe, we're on the road to 1M subs! Please use my creator Code: xDogged ?

  2. Phoenix WILD says

    I am a bot cuz I’m on mobile don’t laugh

  3. Gumamela Manalo says

    Nice we need xdogged to get 10m subs

  4. Gumamela Manalo says

    Or 1m

  5. Oliver Grr says

    Oh no no

  6. cash Allen says

    I'm guessing this is a remix of the song of Travis Scott made the Scott

  7. Team NCK says

    Your the best YouTuber

  8. Harrison Lacey says

    Tiko is the best

  9. Dastan Neenooth says

    My friend loves this so much?this so good??

  10. epic minecraft gamer says

    Subscribe to xdogged and put notifications on. continue the lyrics: we lettin the bots outside


    Dude this Travis Scott guy copied him

  12. Terision says


  13. Noname Nothing says

    Bots be takin over fortnite

  14. alsjemenou says

    Sorry this is zo bad

  15. YT5UFY4N says

    you should put it on spotify or something

  16. the orange guy lol says

    we saw jules outsideso we hide with black oufits

  17. raydengames says


  18. MHA 238 says

    this is really sick the song was stuck in my head for a week

  19. Ayaan Khan says

    Is it just me or is this the best fortnite song ever ;-;Oh and btw it sounds way better in 1.25x

  20. Deadshot _Rewind says

    Hey it’s ur songLol

  21. Johny_playz says


  22. ISAAC says

    I love defaults but fake defaults are fucking weird

  23. noob gamer says

    🙁 I am defaulty boi

  24. games gaming says

    Finish the lyrics ill go firstSaw a team outside

  25. jacob k says

    i noob at fortnite?

  26. Nikka31 5 says

    Fishy gang all the way bots are horrible

  27. Nicholas Dale says

    Put a 10 hour one

  28. LEGO Batman says

    Who think the voices should be switched

  29. Joshua Timms says

    Let's face it fortnite songs are really bad listen to real music

  30. Herkus Gutauskas says

    Me download fortnite in season 11 : solo victory in 1st try.Me in next season : AHHH ITS SOOOOO HARRRRRRRRRD

  31. Starz Ψ says

    dont mind me just listening to my morning song. (I listen to this 2 times a day ?)

  32. Quix Volty says

    I just realized this came out on my birthday thxs for the present

  33. Adrianna Holder says

    Only Noob's knows this…(I'm a noob with a skin I do exactly everything this video does I hide in a bush and I shoot people down

  34. Blaze Ecko says

    This was a banger

  35. Ig pet Libby says

    The bush skins not a bot it’s try hard

  36. ya like Jazz? says

    Honestly this is my family exept I know how to build

  37. ツR13KO says

    And one of those Defaults were Tfue

  38. Brigitte de Luca says

    I crap and I’m on moblie help me

  39. Zerg rush says

    What wrong with noobs

  40. Ayaan Ahmed says

    My brother is a bot

  41. Raiden Jack says

    I hate bots

  42. KaleemGandV says

    I love how you included the 2 christmas skins yes they are more of a bot than defaults usually

  43. ITsCookiesYT says

    To the 1% of people who are reading this:

    You are amazing and blessed, please stay safe, and have a amazing day/night❤️?
    Also Could you leave me a Subscription its free

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