The Chainsmokers – This Feeling (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)



See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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  1. Janna Bederi says

    I LOVED how Barbara walked to the beat of the song.

  2. Oeshi Sarkar says

    Almost the whole comment section: Candice versus Barbara Palvin Me, who loves both of them: Grabs pop corn and enjoys ?

  3. Joseph Messina says

    kelsea could be a model

  4. sarah i says

    All look enjoying their stage, it makes me feel happy

  5. MIG BOOD says

    2:20 can i know is she? she's gorgeous

  6. Sheila Ranario says

    BARBARAAAA PALVIN ikaw natalaga talbog lahat sa beauty mo sis

  7. Joseph Messina says

    everyone is so powerful ?

  8. bzs says

    If their oversized then wows

  9. bzs says

    Sighs in fat

  10. Kurt says

    3:37 drew did that???

  11. fernando neto says

    Uma banda boa para ter ao vivo no desfile

  12. Maehla says

    she is stunning ?edit: someone asked me later who i meant, because i didn’t specify. i didn’t specify because they are all beautiful and stunning.

  13. asep sanjaya says

    Mantap jiwa?

  14. Youssef Nakrou says

    Omg no one is talking about Romee !!! She slayeeed in the end

  15. Melon Bar says

    BARBARA is so beautiful I cri

  16. May Padilla says

    Barbara Palvin y Candice love ✨?

  17. Thomas Hill says

    All these models and Kelsea Ballerini looking better than everyone

  18. JM says

    Everyone is talking about Barbara Palvin and yes, she slayeed. But my brazillian Barbara Fialho daaaamn she's amazing

  19. Teera Nanthavaree says

    2:33 ♥◡♥

  20. Cười thư giãn says

    Love song .

  21. valeria villanueva says

    alguien me dice el nombre de la modelo que sale en el minuto 2:26 ..plissss.

  22. Gemini Aries says

    Amazing the Chainsmokers ❤️

  23. Jfkdbfv Bdbsbdb says

    2:45 what's her name?

  24. Kishan meitei says

    Watching again and again ….at Barbara palvin beat time

  25. syindaa says

    omg barbara is sooooo damn cuteeee

  26. J G123 says

    Barbara Palvin ❤️Candice Swanepoel ❤️Lorena Rae ❤️Grace Elizabeth ❤️Romee Strijd ❤️

  27. Laurentzia Van Gogh says

    Well I liked it better with Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima. This generation is boring in my opinion.

  28. Asude Yücel says

    i need this version of the song

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