The Climb FM20 | Episode 35 – Down to the Wire | Football Manager 2020


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The Climb FM20 | Episode 35 – Down to the Wire | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 35 – Down to the Wire | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 35 – Down to the Wire | Football Manager 2020

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  1. Emma - wir uns kennenlernen says

    0:11 haha

  2. Peter Waite says

    Prediction: Losing in the final

  3. WallOrNothing says

    Who are these people who dislike these videos?

  4. Dan Stone says

    I preferred when you pronounced Auxerre’s Richardson as you would Richarlison 😂😉

  5. Peter Waite says

    Keep up the great work Jack!

  6. Tomisin Jegede says

    Jack, what about Olawale – you were gonna sign him earlier

  7. Joseph Banks says

    Jack 2019 with tow law town -What’s the point in going into the playoffs in terrible fourm!

  8. Reed Sicard says

    I think another season in ligue 2 would be good for the team. Then next year route the league and be ready for first season in ligue 1.

  9. Christopher Gregory says

    Hi Jack hopefully you can get promoted mate. Can you share with us your strategy around finding all these amazing young players? End of season soon so would be a good time

  10. adygunit says

    Remember when Jack said that he prefer to be the follower and not the leading team? Yes, good times.

  11. Pedro Ribeiro says

    Ofc you gonna make James Connely a BBM ahaha not expecting anything else from you

  12. Matt Cruse says

    u need to seriously work on blaise's finishin. It was too ugly this year

  13. Dion Eccles says

    Not getting the striker really came to bite you in the ass.

  14. Go Play says

    Play Zanghaba and Koffi together ⚽

  15. H M says

    Jack, what happened to the second nigerian you were looking at?

  16. Down Under Gaming says

    play off bottle?

  17. Stefan Milev says

    What are going to do to counter Lorient's 4-1-4-1?

  18. * Uszkera says

    I am waiting for Luzenac to Sign CR7 since Monopoli got Messi

  19. Olof says

    I love you

  20. George Plescan says

    Promotion on the cards

  21. Grime God says

    Definitely need to sign a high finishing striker next season. Think that might be your downfall on the playoffs and going forward

  22. Anonymous Me says

    21:42 Julien Blaise? More like Julien de Silva Santos!

  23. Ahusi says

    Do you use Player instructions?

  24. Henry Meese says

    Luzenac to Ligue 1 through these playoffs! And then get relegated next year like Tow Law lol

  25. Brendan Walsh says

    thinking back to Tow Law save when promotion to prem probably came a year too early.. I think it wouldnt even be the worst thing to not navigate play offs and build another year in Ligue 2

  26. Adog 10 says

    I think Luzenac are going to lose in the semis. But If they do get promoted the team us not good enough for ligue 1

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