The Climb FM20 | Episode 37 – LIGUE 1 PLAYOFF | Football Manager 2020


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The Climb FM20 | Episode 37 – IS THIS OUR TIME? | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 37 – IS THIS OUR TIME? | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 37 – IS THIS OUR TIME? | Football Manager 2020

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  1. Matthieu Lantoine says

    Congrats for what you accomplished with Luzenac ! Now ligue 1 may be different just focus on the small team, and forget the top 11 for the moment

  2. Emir Ibrahimbegovic says

    Hey Jack, does your coaching staff make any difference in the players development and such? Also do you use mentoring groups im training?

  3. Overgnat says

    PureMeat Stadium 🙂

  4. Alex Kangaroo says

    Your GK was the MVP for the season!

  5. Gavin Rodgers says

    Promoted every single season?! That is mad, it takes some enjoyment out of it for me. Saying that, I still watch religiously every day soooo keep up the good work I guess Jack!

  6. Henrik Frederiksen says

    KoF-FI not KO-ffi

  7. Orlando Thompson says

    Used to do some match briefing, but only to change the mentality and opposition instructions. Now I just never do

  8. Kristian Warham says

    Predictions on the scoreline for PSG away ?

  9. Tom Hinds says

    Thomas > Moragon

  10. Telsion says

    I did the pre-match briefings in my first season ever. After that it quickly dropped off to 0

  11. Walter Wright says

    Bring back "The Space Park" stadium from the Apex series!

  12. TuTru says


  13. Anthony Blakeman says

    Whilst I know you don’t usually like to do so, perhaps it’s time to utilise the loan market to help reinforce the squad. If you can use them for a year to stay afloat, add some money in the coffers and then perhaps reinforce with purchases the following summer. Great season and great series ☺️

  14. Charlton Daily says

    New to football manager how do u rest all players

  15. Deckstar Deluxe says

    Everyone on perfect morale, nails the team meeting. Dressing room atmosphere is “good”

  16. Gio Marron says

    Stadium name: Stade Travaillez l'espace (Work The Space Stadium sounds better in French)

  17. Gio Marron says

    “Are away goals a factor?”Skips the 2 lines which tell you away goals are a factor“No, away goals don’t matter”I mention this before the kick-off of the second leg. Let’s hope that’s not a factor 🤔

  18. Great Grump says

    Have you ever considered using a regen facepack, like what Zealand has? Bit jarring seeing academy fresh strikers looking like they're thinking about pension plans. 😂

  19. William Cross says

    I always do the tactical briefing

  20. Andrew McLean says

    Anyone else started getting French adverts?

  21. Ryan Thurston says

    Jack and not remembering the goal of the year, name a more iconic duo 😂

  22. cjkmaster says

    Rename the stadium!

  23. youtubian says

    spoiler alertOh my razakanantenaina, you're in ligue 1

  24. Taylan Ertan says

    What are the chances of you staying up in Ligue 1 next season? You probably won't get that Premier League money safety net to upgrade the team immediately in France.

  25. BVM Whelo says


  26. Dean Williams says

    28:47 Mathieu Legrand? That was good timing!

  27. WittyWatkin says

    You’ll be right when you use fm genie scout again

  28. Dean Williams says

    19:04 ♫He reads what he wants, he reads what he waaannnntttsss, Jack is our leader, he reads what he wants♫25:15 I was waiting for you to be shocked about going out on the away goals rule, thankfully it didn't happen

  29. Nova Lazz says

    I always do the pre match briefing

  30. Dan Stone says

    It clearly said that it was away goals used Jack mate 😂

  31. mrkimaliep says

    Manages to ignore all the rules about goals and then say no away goals rule…. How?

  32. Up The Mustard says

    I always do pre match briefings, I just tell them what formation we will play and that we’re playing a positive mentality. Then leave the rest to my assistant manager!

  33. Dragan Pajević says

    Blaise summoned inner Bale against Inter when he bullied Maicon on left hand side!

  34. Jorne Reynders says

    Try and give Zangaba a shot in ligue1, he has some potential to fill. Plus his name is just fun

  35. Anonymous Me says

    Rename it the Old Ladies' Home. In honour of Manane

  36. _ Floyd says

    The Space Stadium. Work it!

  37. Daniel Gonzalez says

    A 12 hour preseason is a bit much.. tbf I spend like 8 hours on my first season on Premier League with Stevenage after 3 promotions in a row.

  38. Wilson Kok says

    Time to reinforce the team before the next season!This squad needs A LOT of development to stay up in Ligue 1

  39. ani kalra says

    The 1 dislike is the one person who missed last video.

  40. Ryan Griffiths says

    In case you missed the other comments, that Nigerian RB for 750?

  41. Fahim Haque says

    What a fantastic performance from Blaise! The young Julien marauding down the left flank really reminds me of a similarly blazing Gareth Bale back during his Tottenham days. The first playoff performance really shows that somewhere down the line he's going to get the Ballon d'Or

  42. Poo Lee says

    The Fabian Barthez arena

  43. TrueChaosMulala says

    Thinks he’s about to get played realizes oh wait I did watch yesterday’s video before this started

  44. Sam Rosenberg says

    Can I download the db from this season?

  45. Dan says

    The Jermaine Defoe Stadium

  46. J Peth says

    Oo I was looking forward to this episode

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