The Cold War and Consumerism: Crash Course Computer Science #24


Today we’re going to step back from hardware and software, and take a closer look at how the backdrop of the cold war and space race and the rise of consumerism and globalization brought us from huge, expensive codebreaking machines in the 1940s to affordable handhelds and personal computers in the 1970s. This is an era that saw huge government funded projects – like the race to the moon. And afterward, a shift towards the individual consumer, commoditization of components, and the rise of the Japanese electronics industry.

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  1. Bernardo Salerno Lameiras says

    "Governments" The State wouldn't be possible without the consumers either.

  2. BillyBumpyBear says

    We'd be in the next era of computing if the government weren't slowing us down so much

  3. sudo cat sda1 guy says

    3:33 Our gilr's spitting the truth

  4. tempsanity says

    I've spent the last two days watching over 30 parts of this series during the corona lockdown. Brilliant work!

  5. hard-core coder says

    And that was the time where the technology king arrived. The china 🔥

  6. Alwyn C says

    Talk more about the computer used in the Apollo 11 mission please (and the error code/alarm 1201)!

  7. Loz D says

    Why don't schools cover these kinds of things in History class? 🤔

  8. Matheus Duarte says

    Main reasons for the dramatic evolution of computers: Governments and Consumers. Just forgot to say that without the government, the growth would be as fast if not way faster, but without the war part.

  9. Richard S. says

    The best video to debunk libertarians :).

  10. Susuya Juuzou says

    6:52 theres no computer that can handle this lady SAVAGERY at the back

  11. Long Nguyễn Sơn says

    For some reason I'm really turned on by the NSA computer girl @6:48

  12. allencraig02 says

    Is it necessary to talk SO fast?

  13. Bid Daddy Poop Hammer says

    Daddy Joey Steel <3

  14. sean williams says

    i learned so much in this series! thank you!

  15. Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy says

    Little known fact: Kennedy worshipped the nazis as a young man and was a major warcriminal (like all post world war 2 US presidents).

  16. Alexandr Padalka says


  17. Dominic Victoria says

    I thought the two main reasons were war and war

  18. oversoul says

    6:21 "but by paying that price, Americans were able to beat the Soviets to the Moon"Of course, Americans placing technically competent people and Soviets placing politically connected people, respectively, into their Moon rocket development programs cannot be understated. Nor can the explosive power of an N-1 test flight. -__-

  19. Shreya Das says

    6:52 im the one in the red skirt :'))

  20. Blake Ingram says

    In the back, there is a Macintosh classic next to the thing of little drawers! Super old around 1989!!!

  21. RandyClassicCarsFan says

    i love communism and am communist

  22. Elfezen says

    woah 6:46 that girl was really hot

  23. Dummy Dummy says

    From where you get all these informations??

  24. Dummy Dummy says

    I love computers…I grown with computers…I will be surviving with computers…

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