The Computer Starts but the Monitor Remains Blank in Desktops with Windows 8 | HP Computers | HP


The Computer Starts but the Monitor Remains Blank in Desktops with Windows 8

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The Computer Starts but the Monitor Remains Blank in Desktops with Windows 8 | HP Computers | HP

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Step 1: Connect a different monitor
02:30 – Step 2: Inspect the cable and video connectors
03:22 – Step 3: Change the display resolution
04:23 – Step 4: Check for loose internal components
06:48 – Step 5: Replace the video card
09:02 – Step 6: Disable power settings in the BIOS
10:29 – Step 7: Service the monitor or computer

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    is there any way to turn on my monitor with pc. When I unplug my monitor and replug the monitor and try to turn on monitor with pc it does not 🙁 I have to turn on monitor with remote every time when pc starts.

  2. JPeppa says

    HP is absolute garbage. Never again.

  3. Japhet TV says

    Thank you done subs keep posting helpfull vids like this

  4. Gabriel YT says

    Thank you so much dude🔥❣❤

  5. Sefo & Rosa says

    Thank you my computers work now thank you so muchhhhhh

  6. Nehal gaming says

    Thankyou you its my work

  7. my monitor shows display and then goes blank

  8. Aarush Mishra says

    I have a all-in-one computer how do i fix it? its shows a blank screen when i start my pc

  9. Almoni Nt says

    The first hack worked for me although I recommend waiting 2minutes with the monitor plugged off not 30 seconds to be save

  10. Nav j says

    I can hear sound and everything the monitor shows its options etc but no windows

  11. sunny vlogs says

    My problem is monitor start button is in oranger colour but the original light is yellow colour what should I do

  12. ayush k says

    Thank you very very veryyyy much
    It helped me a lot
    Thanks Hp

  13. Amattt ssszzz says

    my problem is it shows image 3 seconds then it turns off

  14. Focus Abdel says

    My pc lights are on and fans are spinning but no display . I plugged a laptop to the monitor and it works . What's wrong . My monitor works but my pc won't display


    the light of my cpu is on but its off

  16. Techno Feather says

    Thank-you you saved my money the shopkeeper said that it's ram and motherboard is damaged and it will take up to 10000 ruppes

  17. Oof says

    My pc starts and the monitor shows logo of the company but doesn't show anything else.

  18. Mahi DIYS says

    Thanks for this video
    I was literally getting tension when is is not onning
    You saved me from scoldings😁

  19. Sibgatک says

    My cpu is on but my monitor isn't turning on and when my monitor turns on, the monitor has a light which flicks when the monitor turns on but it isn't turning on

  20. Kubir Tiwari says

    Thanks for making this!

  21. Melodys A says

    Yoo thank you hp

  22. Uma Legen says


  23. Joshua Lomocso says

    My System Unit and My Monitor are both turning on but not Booting What to do?

  24. private channel says

    Ok So Heres What Happened I was Playing Roblox I Came Out Of My Room To pick Up Ma Mountain Dew And You Know What I saw A Broken Display Of roblox And A really loud Static Sound I Panicked And I Unplugged My pc I Tried To Turn It On Again And The Pc turned on but The Monitor Remains Blank

  25. Greg H says

    Thanks alot

  26. Rockstar Rupam Vines says

    Best way. Call a qualified Hp engineer. He will do the best.
    I dont believe i can even understand so much. So let the work be done by the experts😇😇

  27. Muhmila Taskeen says

    My Monitor also remains blank after I start the PC but my PC randomly shuts down itself after I start it. How to fix it?

  28. OH MY GOD says

    My pc starts normally when VGA is plugged in motherboard, but when I insert the video card it won't start, what to do?

  29. Waji YT says

    Pc working fine but after 2 3 min lcd display automatically gone everytime..then I I turn off my lcd and open its working then after 2 min and and again display gone after 2 min plzz help

  30. vscosity says

    the thing is when i start my pc the computer is just a black screen

  31. J Lio says

    My monitor goes blank after changing from vga to dvi in my osd settings. How can I fix it?

  32. Ryan Boruto says

    My 2nd monitor works properly, i can move my mouse, and it not being stuck on one screen and move tabs and such, my monitor is ON but with no error messege and all it has is a black screen, when i turn it off the screen slightly changes HOW DO I FIX

  33. Zmil says

    Help my monitor turns on but they screen just becomes gray like it becomes lighter

  34. Adam Stanaszek says

    When I start my pc it stays on a black screen pls help.

  35. David Mcdougall says

    Hp support my problem is similar but slightly different. when the computer is on the screen works fine, but if you leave the comp on without using it when the screen goes blank and you tap on a key etc to get the screen back nothing happens.,the screen light flashes. The only way you can get it to work is turn the computer off by holding in the power button. eventually on start-up the screen works??? any ideas???

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