1. Gamer Paivex says

    When I say I ran to this video, Im lying. I saved for now

  2. ForEverRon says

    Angie Overkill won that last fight, and her striking is underrated

  3. bobby canton says

    You’re not a real Nigerian, you support trump. Do better

  4. Jeremy Walsh says

    yeah i totally agree Hill got robbed in my opinion she won the fight and the scorecard pretty much says it too

  5. Sebastian Kristiansen says

    New to the channel.. has this guy ever lost?

  6. LemonPepper J says

    25:33 don’t body punch martial! ???

  7. Ben Yeats says

    Why are people disliking this video?

  8. Jordan B says

    The minor slip looks like such a cheese exploit

  9. kyoungbutta says

    Why are u hiding ur name and the name of other fighters ??Why aren’t u showing where ur at in ranked … idk if ur doing quick fight are fighting in ranked … not hating just wondering why?

  10. Black Irish says

    So you used my idea, interesting ?

  11. djtjpain says

    I thought march madness would be really cool for that reason too. You’d be able to hear players and coaches and the ball on the court etc. Fucked me up when they cancelled it all the way

  12. indigo child says

    They all bought the ed parker training package

  13. 2 DAC says

    I love angla HillAnd yes I also believe she got robbed her herself got pissed and just walked outShe's such a good fight that people don't even notice

  14. ozren babahmetović says

    Off topic: Why I allways lean into head kick? Will someone cry with me… Btw like your videos, your guides… Sonnen is amateur for you 😉 cheers from croatia. Land of good wines and CRO COP!!!

  15. Raul Stan says

    I think i have just lost a little bit if respect for this guy

  16. Lil_karr says

    What does the fighter have to have to get those double leg kicks

  17. Kyon O'Driscoll says

    Did any1 else here the echo when he said iit izz what iit izz

  18. IGPriX says

    Everyone be sayin' Martial picked an Asian fighter, but I thought he picked Jung cuz he's a zombie.

  19. Gaunter O'Dimm says

    God damn he was fired up this day…

  20. Stayniel Herbayn says

    25:35 it’s a game not a real fight, calm down ?

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