The criticism of Kai Havertz’s Chelsea debut was FAIR! – Jan Aage Fjortoft | Premier League


Kai Havertz’s Chelsea had an underwhelming Premier League debut for Chelsea in their 3-1 win against Brighton & Hove Albion but did he deserve the post-match criticism? Jan Aage Fjortoft certainly thinks so, and also chimes in on Timo Werner’s “OK” first competitive game for the Blues.

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  1. Oyegunle Kamar says

    Too early to judge him. He has barely spent a week on camp.

  2. Elvis Mazoni says

    No nono leave Chelsea and our new signs alone remember these guys never played in premiere league before so it takes time to adopt the game play we as Chelsea fans we happy with them because we know wat they can offer us

  3. Omar C says

    Dude people are stupid. He literally had 4 days to train and debut with people who speak a different language and play a different type of football. He had such elegance and so much potential in his creativity and vision. He just had no chemistry with anyone other that Werner. Give him time chelsea fans. You guys who hate on him are disgraceful

  4. jdm bandits says

    Gabriel debut for Arsenal, he got man of the match plus a goal but he had not kicked a ball for 6 months, new team new league soooo I mean

  5. Kevin O'Donnell says

    ESPN as always bringing us tabloid fodder and not much else. Try doing some real analysis once in awhile instead of being a bunch of gossips.

  6. The infamous John Cheech says

    How Can anybody say it’s fair it sounds like Frank is trying to set him up to fail have a feeling Frank didn’t want this guy

  7. ayman says

    You Chelsea fans thought it was okay it to criticize Pepe but can’t take it when others do the same for your players 🤣

  8. Dylan Williams says

    If the fans carry on like this he will lose his confidence like kepaFor God sake it's his first game

  9. Vishaal Venugopal says

    they just gonna talk.

  10. iMobiles Insta says

    Kai is a flop until Mount and Lampard at Chelsea

  11. King J says

    It took pulisic long enough,Havertz needs time,that's why it's called a PROJECT!

  12. utkarsh singh says

    Jan Aage Fjortoft WHO !!! ?? dissing on potential german superstar. all the Sheffield Wednesday level pundits are stacked up at ESPN.

  13. p d says

    Hazertz quality player👌

  14. P K says

    Völler is happy for 100 millions I'm not saying he will be not good but he's overrated

  15. metro says


  16. Kaif Ghazanfar says

    Give the guy a break he hasn’t been that long and he came from a different Werner said it him self the league is from is different

  17. Samuel Opoku-Mensah says

    They were gassing us a few weeks ago

  18. M The g says

    I want chelsea to fail and fall flat on their face and mourinho to do good in the league.

  19. B.B.J. says

    Let’s see. 21 years old, been with the team for less than a week, didn’t play in his best position and isn’t completely match sharp and match fit. First transfer ever moving to a new country culture and language. Given all the conditions this shouldn’t be a surprise that his debut didn’t showcase is ability.

  20. Desy Eka says

    His real debut will be this sunday VS Liverpool….Brighton was basically his preseason 😁…all this criticism will make him work even harder to prove himself this sunday,luckily he got a week before the match.

  21. tammy kolu says

    You would not have Said that if he was playing for liverpool

  22. Annie Gur says

    Never really watched espn football pundits till this year, I'm into several sports and these guys hit the worst pundits for mma and boxing. I mean Stephen a Smith that guy has no clue about any sport yet he covers every sport 😂

  23. Ashburn Pereira says

    This German Jan Aage is now criticising Kai for his performance is this really because he had a bad game or because he dint want to join Bayern Munich? For god sake please let the boy settle in to English climate. The way you’re critiquing him is so u fair, you won’t be able to do even half of what he did.

  24. Jordan Perry says

    Once Pulisic and Ziyech are fit havertz can move to an attacking mid role he will feel more comfortable. One issue was the passing Werner, they came to late once Kai is playing behind Werner he can make those passes also mount is a better mid than winger

  25. Jayson Shumba says

    Yall expecting sm1 w less than a month w th club to do extraordinary thngz nah gv harverts tym hz gnna prove evr1 wrng

  26. Chase Troch says

    It was his first game for a new club, in a new league, at the start of a new season ffs.. only thing he needs to worry about this year, is Lampard shoehorning in Mount, RLC, and Barkley into the squad forcing him out of position.

  27. Psycho Thinker says

    Play him in his position then judge him after 30 matches

  28. Fifajesius says

    80mil 💀💀

  29. matthew d says

    Your right ESPN! Sell him.

  30. A Roshan says


  31. Dasika Sairam says

    I hope James does better than angel Di Maria in the PL.

  32. M .S says

    Wow just wow When I thought this channel couldn't become anymore of a joke. I stumbled across this title

  33. Keith Gundu says

    It was not fair , Kai never had a pre-season , trained only for 4 days . What do you expect prime Muller performance. Yan is the same guy who said Mason Mount is not happy about Kai coming to Chelsea. People online criticising Kai are non Chelsea fans who want the signings to flop & fail & Chelsea fans who are to reactionary without understand moving to a new club , new country with a much harder league, playing with new players & traning for only 4 days with them without pre season is asking to much for them to be at their best.

  34. Biodun Savage says

    Whaaaat?? Isn't it too early to criticize this young chap?????

  35. Dzingai Gondokondo says

    Can't judge from a single matchNew guys need to settle and combination need to work very well so it's unfair to judge the battle but the war

  36. Mos co says

    The major issue was havertz not playing preseason with chelsea and it's fair to say he has just started his own preseason even as the league has started.It will take him 5 to 6 games before you will start seeing the real Kai havertz.The issue is not tasting the intensity of English league as Chelsea usually play one or two english clubs before the league start. so Kai was blown away by everything. The strength, intensity, aggressiveness and pace of the league. It took Kai with surprise, so now he knows he has to raise his level of fittness. Having tasted it now, he knows what to expect going forward. Lampard should play him centrally for now

  37. Tobechukwu Mbanefo says

    give him time, that's all I'm gonna say

  38. haqiwb says

    1st game, not his preferred position, a week after arriving to a new league, new teammates, new system, new city. FFs give the kid a break

  39. Noop Toop says

    The media bias against Chelsea is shocking… The kid played out of position and it was his first game! He hasn’t played football in months and it’s a complete new league! How on earth can you criticise his performance on one game? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  40. haitch04 says

    Young kid comes to strange country, devoid of games recently and playing with a new team who have also been devoid of games and "the criticism is fair". These guys actually get paid for this, the rest of us poor souls know Havertz is a superb player and will settle in.

  41. Marxis Berry says

    You guy's are very stupid for posting this 😡😡😡 we chelsea fans are okay with the performance

  42. Nashon Stephen says

    This is what ESPN are waiting for. just to criticize Chelsea new playersSMHhe played out of positionmost of their topics this season will be after ChelseaBotched sports with stupid pundits

  43. Ricardo Fernandes says

    ESPN criticising a player who played his first game in a whole new league and was only with the team for a few days.🤡🤡

  44. Viraj Sahgal says

    ESPN's analysts are mostly over-reacting and often biased in their opinions, I take their thoughts with a pinch of salt. Yet I still click on their videos, the cognitive dissonance :/

  45. Wafwa Junior says

    Useless Craig 😜🤪 only criticises man utd that's what he knows runing his mouth always like woman who's in labor pain.useless kind of fellow.get a life silly craig.why can't you talk abt Kai n liverfools.

  46. Hawk says

    Havertz has been with Chelsea for like a week, didn't get any minutes with Germany either. 1st game the boy plays most of the time as a Wing back and with Loftus-Cheek having a disaster class in Middle. Give him time to get match fitness atleas.. not even talking about new team, new league, new country at 21 years of age.

  47. Elvis Mawaro says

    There you go again with your critisms

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