The Crow's Eye Gameplay Trailer | Puzzle horror adventure game


Voice actor: Ryan Wiley (@ryanwileyvo) & Sara Secora (@AviGaming) | Music: Manuel P. Perez
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The Crow’s Eye is a videogame full of adventure, puzzles, investigation, suspense and terror in which you play as a man that finds himself trapped in an old abandoned medicine university, which held a high reputation 20 years ago.

Made with Unity.


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  1. matez99 says

    sound is great ….

  2. Francesc Borrull says

    AWESOME game! Where can I buy this???

  3. Mágganon says

    "I didn't have much expectations placed upon you"Wut. It should be "I didn't expect much of/from you" or "I didn''t have many/high expectations for/of you" or similar. Game looks fine though.

  4. Robert Konzepto says

    It will be amazing to play this video game!!!

  5. Jane Denton Gaming says

    Looks cool!

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