The day Android threw away all their code


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The year is 2007. Imagine that you aim to disrupt the mobile phone market. You are sure that your idea is the way to go, and your team spends endless hours developing the star product. As you are on a business trip, you hear the news, and reality sets in: someone has beaten you to it, and their idea is much, much better. That someone is Apple, and you are Google. Your choices are limited, so you decide to go back to the drawing board.

Google had to reinvent its proposal for a smartphone. But this ended up being a good thing.

In this episode of Forensics, we’ll tell you all about how the first Android phone rose from the ashes of a failed project.

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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Android: How it was born
2:46 – Android: The first attempt
5:27 – Android: The dream
7:24 – Android: A worthy rival

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  1. Hanro50 says

    The Oracle Google lawsuit…Ok, let me explain stuff…or what I know atleast because some might be interested in this topic. Google originally approached sun microsystems (eventually they where bought by Oracle) to licence Java as a base for Android. They couldn't reach an agreement and Google decided to go in there own direction. Now a software API is basically like a language two programs can use to communicate. In general, the software world has decided that these APIs should not be subject to copyright. This benefits developers and consumers. For developers the benefit is that they don't have to worry about API licences while writing code. For consumers it means someone can easily write a new peace of software that can replace a peace of software that might not be sold anymore without the consumer needing to throw out everything.The latter thing is what Google ended up doing. They simply implemented Java's API's using their own code behind the scenes. Allowing for developers to easily migrate to writing code for Android.In my opinion Oracle's lawsuit against Google was a mistake on Oracle's part as it's lead to projects such as the Linux kernel team refusing to touch any code Oracle has created.

  2. Hanro50 says

    Sometimes it's quicker to scrap everything then it is to attempt to make the hacky code you've already built work.

  3. Ian Kizev says

    Okay so i am just stuck on to this channel watched almost all the videos one after the other. Pure content loved it 👍

  4. Tejas Motamarri says

    There is a lawsuit between google and Oracle not java, do your research!!!

  5. Lawrence Rogers says

    I can’t keep up with the speed of the narration. Why the rush? It is interesting.

  6. JJ K says

    They did manage to create a competing device, but they also took shortcuts. Android is now dealing with them (Oracle suing, depending on service providers 3rd party messaging, etc). Keeping all of Androids collaborators focused and united as time passes has become tumultuous, and now Google is looking to in house the entire product. Apple has already achieved this.

  7. Milton Waddams says

    "Military grade encryption" lol. Just like almost any device nowadays.

  8. Bhalesh Patel says

    Just take a moment and imagine if Apple was the one who took the open source path right after iPhone launch. How would the world be today?

  9. Buhari Nasir says

    You are using iPhone

  10. Anila kokapeta says

    Great Editing

  11. uiop uiop says

    i will tell your kid to not tell my kid that he is a kid, because if you tell me kdi that he is a kid i will call your kid a kid.tonge twister

  12. Donald Langhorne says

    Ok, I have to take issue with the statement that by 2004 digital cameras were on their way out. What?? Not in the least. Camera's in phones didn't even begin to catch up to cameras until 2010 or even a bit later. But in 2004, the cameras built into phones were crap. Take the motorola Razr v3 released that year it had a vga camera, that means 640×480. You can't have glaring mistakes like this or your entire argument falls apart as I now can't trust anything that is said here

  13. B. Cay says

    google stop buying companies down level stuff hire software developers pay them good not programmers who just write subroutine or a link machine language folks. give up MSS mass storage systems. just me saying.

  14. The Desi Lifestyle says

    The Android Datacenter, aka Google Photos.

  15. Aman Kumar Saksena says

    Better read about VPN. If there server gets hacked or any government asks for data they would have to hand it over. Moreover Nord Vpn was caught for selling users data.

  16. David Ramírez says

    Everytime I heard nordvpn on a video I automatically unsubscribe from the channel…

  17. Nikhil Sannat says

    This one is the most inspirational story.

  18. Bhavithiran Palani says

    It would be great if you share how you collect the informations for company forensics

  19. nonetrix says

    they should do it now java is garbage

  20. avatar3071 says

    It didn't have an "FM radio phone jack?!?!?"Good thing that's not a thing that things have.

  21. lo mein says

    Lol, love it whenever one of these spammy youtubers makes a video with music that is louder than their voice.

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