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The Device – Rare Music
Description: Press play and… can you hear me?
Price/Unlock: 200

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  1. Christopher Gossling says

    Cool item shop

  2. De_boidaneHeReYT says

    Watch them create a Travis Scott music disc and play like goosebumps or something like that from the Travis Scott live event

  3. Diogo Mesquita says

    It's in the shop now!! 😮

  4. DarkSpeedster101 says

    Probably next season’s BP?

  5. William Vaughn says


  6. Her old says

    They have to put the music in as reward from the live event

  7. DBZ drankin21 says

    I wish they had music for the rocket event in season 4 it was my first event

  8. Alinas fortnite edits says

    The best leak ever ??

  9. Breezy YT says

    My fav is 3:30

  10. Supreme Levin says

    OMG so hyped for the music! This was my first ever event, it was sick! This will bring back memories I miss (BTW I have proof I went to it on my channel)

  11. TAPE EGG says

    My favorite part is 3:30

  12. Farhad Rahmani says

    I defenatly buy this device song

  13. Légamer Epic says

    I am totally buying this

  14. Saja Lotfy says

    I just got a game and this popped up it is so good

  15. Hydra Playz says

    I'm actually so hyped for this, thankyou so much for leaking this!!!!

  16. 100 subscribers with no videos challenge says

    Do you know this music is coming out?

  17. 100 subscribers with no videos challenge says

    So far the best event of chapter 2

  18. Mecha Team Leader says

    I knew there was a leak

  19. LONG- SHOT says

    ?nice ha go't em

  20. LONG- SHOT says


  21. davany jr says

    So pls tell me

  22. davany jr says

    And if you have a code I want to use it

  23. davany jr says

    It also reminds me of batman

  24. davany jr says

    I love it it reminds me of the fin as l showdown I'm coping it when I get it

  25. John Lopez says

    Hope it is 200 v bucks

  26. FBI says

    I’m in love

  27. Grayfuze says

    The event was so awesome I loved being stuck in the loading screen

  28. Squishy Squashy says

    Will it be free do

  29. Jacobie Thomas says

    Can you please get me some leaks skins even the Galaxy girl skin

  30. The next Generation says


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