The Division – 1.7 Global Events – OUTBREAK! Hudson Refugee Camp Live Game Play


Here is our first global event in the Division “Outbreak” and we have to fight the cleaners without getting infected our selves.. I did the Hudson Refugee Camp Mission with a live commentary play through so I do hope that you all enjoy the video as much as I did the game play. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @AfflictedGamer.

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  1. SmallTank says

    Pts right? Oh good I'm not late!

  2. Seiichiro R says

    Great video. Can't wait for 1.7 to drop

  3. Andy Lee says

    I wont shoot he messenger as you know its not my style so you get a like but I will be honest I really don't think they give a rats ass about console players and they show it time after time, I really hope that certain youtubers (not you afflicted) don't just come back to moan and slate the game and ruin it like they have in the past. Great vid AG

  4. DarkSeeker2008 says

    Wait, wasn't 1272 max roll on gear(firearms/stamina/electronics), i just saw 1400+ on your gear…

  5. MsLegendd says

    When se are going to get update on ps4 ?

  6. DivisionEX says

    Really good keep it going I'm just waiting for the emails

  7. B CB says

    Good gameplay, I am excited for the new Classified Gear as well as the different options for the Global Events.  Unless they have some crazy difficult events or use open space areas instead of Mission areas I think the people that have run those missions thousands of times are going to get bored with Global Events.

  8. elitesoldier198 says

    when is 1.7 coming out for the Xbox1

  9. Cruger9_Gaming says

    first notification squad

  10. SerpyDerpy says


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