1. Prince of Zimbabwe says

    Hey guys, lately I've been getting multiple messages from people who want to support the content.
    So I have set up a paypal donate button and a patreon:

    Paypal: bit.ly/2TmxbBH
    and Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PrinceofZimbabwe

    Feel free to donate(or not)

    Just to be clear, Youtube isn't my livelihood so I don't need the money to live. It will however help me to make more content like this.
    Anything is appreciated. Thank you

    0:00 – Burzum – Dunkelheit
    0:13 – Scattle – Remorse
    0:23 – In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
    0:36 – The Cure – Boys Don't Cry
    0:45 – aphex twin stone in focus
    0:48 – The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out(slowed down version)
    1:06 – Crywank – Memento Mori

  2. Belal Choudhury says


  3. RUSO ZNC says

    Bro boys dont cry hit different after that scene

  4. Digital Adloniant says

    This isnt a doomer.. He has a nice flat, a nice car, money to live a comfy life. What is he so sad about.. It's funny how, anytime you feel depressed because of your life, some other person is shocked about you and thinks that you actually have a devent life. I suppose this is where perspective and stoicism comes in. It is not the mere event that impacts how we feel, but it is our INTERPRETATION!

  5. Joe Yabuki says

    He drives the AE86?

  6. demr says

    where he was at the end wasn't that sad, that place was kinda peaceful

  7. Night Royal_BG Gaming says

    Why you realise, he has better lifestyle than you

  8. somerandom nameorsomething says

    that crywank song at the end <3

  9. H e r ø E d i t s says

    Quem tá aqui depois de ver o vídeo do Tropia?

  10. Jefté Lima says

    O tropia é foda 😎

  11. Onyle says

    Vim pelo tropia

  12. باعوص says

    تحيه خاصه لمود

  13. usa says

    Ищем русских 😂😂

  14. William Somingkan says

    0:36 is so hilarious.

  15. jason eenkhoorn says


  16. Crimson Gixxer says

    Will you stop spying on me it's getting weird

  17. Ruinna Imperii says

    It’s uncanny how much I was like this just a year back. Life was a mess. But I found Allāh and can’t complain now. I feel spiritually empowered, working on my goals. May Allah help everyone out of this capitalist filth that liberalism has created.

  18. Lazy Bastard says

    Why is this so reletable

  19. xxxblyat guyxxx says

    He s got a frickin AE86

  20. ICT1LOVE- все о компьютерах и т.д says

    hey !!!!!!!!!!!! I dont have web camera. How you know my day in Russia

  21. Robert Beer says

    Nobody talking about the burzum Dunkelheit Intro?

  22. jginsk 711 says

    Think this is bad? Try being married..

  23. ᚛ᚉᚔᚂᚂᚔᚐᚅ᚜ _ says

    The little bit of Burzum at the start made it for me

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