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  1. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  2. victoria helburn says


  3. victoria helburn says


  4. Taffy OROGUN says

    Please do 3 uploads a day man so we can catch up and watch the stream

  5. CJT says

    Who is the one that sounds like Ethan

  6. Adrien Barthélus says

    Go for Almada

  7. JayFundo - The Home Of UK Drill says

    8:56 ??????

  8. Anthony Ingman says

    What coaching badges did you all start with and football experience? As most of the players you are shopping around would not join if you played on the hardest difficulty with no prior experience and no coaching badges.

  9. Jeidon Moses-Perrotte says

    Manny wasn't wearing the headband, and st maximin was playing ded

  10. Dylandans says

    Manny can u upload like 2 a day so we get to catch up with the streams I want to watch live but I don’t want to spoil it

  11. lizard playz says

    Can someone tell me if Behz is joining the save

  12. Zach Schultz says

    Bring in Kalvin Phillips

  13. faustianWhitney MamieBolton says


  14. aznx says

    Football mannyger

  15. ThesomaliSlipper says

    Why don’t Ethan jump in the save

  16. Charlie Button says

    Miniminter should join

  17. Mark says

    lmao manny pisses me off sometimes. Says for his chat not to talk shit or he'll time them out yet he chats so much shit to vikram in the brighton game.

  18. Alex says

    Pay more attention to mental attributes!

  19. Javier Luna says

    Record pre-season i wanna see signings

  20. tank destroyer says

    Manny is an overgrown kid

  21. Jeozz says

    Play Joelinton more

  22. Jamie Raffan says

    Do I hear behzinga????

  23. InTheTrees _ says

    Your defence was playing way too high. Teams that relied on the wing like Arsenal and Norwich smacked you

  24. Nemo on Data says

    Ur goalie is dead get new one

  25. Louis says

    Who is behz manager of

  26. Jack Mezza says

    Lingard actually good on fm

  27. Mackie Hendry says

    Manny bro u moan too much

  28. Charlie dh says

    Celebrating against a relegated side manny relax

  29. TKB says

    Put the band back on! Saint Maximin ain't performing anymore because of it.

  30. Louis Jones says

    The weird thing about watching these is that we’re a few days behind the streams so I already knows what happens next year

  31. Madalitso Theo says

    Do wait Ethan and Tobi are joining next season this series just keeps on getting better

  32. Finn Brooke says

    What team does Ethan manage?

  33. Jamie Beddall says

    I dont know why but I love this series

  34. Rhian says

    You have to sign Arp on a permanent deal

  35. Leckey HD says

    Who does Ethan manage?

  36. RL7 says

    I need to see the rebuild now

  37. Abba_ says

    Anyone know what tactic he uses and where to get it

  38. Haseeb Hanif says

    Cinema should stay in championship and Ethan should be in prem he didn’t get West Ham there but vik got Brighton relegated

  39. MDKTHE KING says

    If he hasn’t streamed the next season go with salvedo and Silva up top and tell joelinton to fuck off

  40. Max Smith Fan says

  41. Luke Bishop says

    no ethan in thumbnail

  42. Nathan S C says

    Leaves ASM on every game even when he’s crap


    Everyone gangsta until manny loses to a team in 19th

  44. E says

    Thomas is too funny "ay vik, open that defence up u ain't playing for anything" I dieddddd

  45. Pele Haarhoff says

    Do I hear ethan


    if your name is Vik, then you get bullied?

  47. Luke Visser says

    Vikrams board got Stockholm syndrome being held hostage by the deadest manager lmao

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