This is the EPIC FINALE to our odyssey, lets see if we can beat this! The map is in HALF-CASH MODE, and we have…snipers. This will not be easy! But let us see if we can CONQUER THIS AND FINALLY BE DONE!!

If you’re reading this, tell me your favorite slushie flavor!

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  1. Jean says

    I lost at round 79 multiple times that I ran out of usable insta monkeys and just accepted my defeat 🙁

  2. Mr fazbear says

    Why are sniper starts bad? You can save up for a second sniper monkey. Then a third. And then get either a hero or focus on upgrading them

  3. Hardin Faster says

    I spent 5000 monkey money on this level i cant believe it

  4. S_Champ says

    0:00 xD!

  5. I-eat-come says

    3:43lol i just watched a video about stranger things!

  6. Sans Diamond says

    I Dont Have A Favorite Slushie Flavor. . .I Dont Even Know What That Is.(Description)

  7. Utkarsh Kaniyar says

    Does on 63

  8. Utkarsh Kaniyar says

    Scrub ?

  9. GD Runic says

    You should try a Collab with Dabloon

  10. okdghd says

    i couldnt do the home button trick for some reason. so i quitted after getting mopped by round 78 one too many times.

  11. Dr. Koi says

    Only 3k veiws

  12. Czarsooon n says

    Jom, I have a question. Why you don't build monkey bank? This so much better than 300 or 003?

  13. Aaron Shan says

    THE FINALE TO THIS CURSED ODYSSEY!! Why do I Hear Boss Music??- Bloons TD 6 ODYSSEY CHALLENGESISAB: this is the easiest odyssey. procceds to beat it with 1/4 crew

  14. NovaBullet says

    The Cult of Adora is too powerful

  15. Nick B-rock says

    0:00 as we walk we find the wild chris doing its mating call…

  16. aschoo says

    Where are the other main species of monkeys?Gorilla, orangutan etc…

  17. Suhey García says

    No bots hereA.M.A.Z.I.N.G For now

  18. Jack84 says


  19. Sam Brown says

    Half cash is by far the most annoying and hardest mode…Always annoys me so I just use cash drop early or maybe even instas

  20. Wasp says


  21. The gd God says

    3:04 did you sniff Benadryl powder or something?

  22. Amin Aziz says

    if you watch isab video, his starting half cash is 225. bug or monkey knowledge?

  23. GRANT OUSLEY says

    I don’t like the fact that Chris keeps playing the flowey theme it scares me

  24. Acematrix plaeyz says

    I love undertale

  25. Jene nuejjwnwne says

    I guess if I were to get a slushy I’d want it to be orange but I haven’t had one in a long time

  26. Immortal Unicorn says

    Chris it's Sora, Roxas, Xion. From kingdom hearts

  27. epical plushies says

    what is Chris is secretly a monkey that works for adora?

  28. Cody Owings says

    Should've went with Quincy. Would've been ALOT easier

  29. Aleks i s shrek says

    I wish i could beat the hard odyssey.

  30. KFed 98 says

    Ive never really liked slushies that much but probably between blue raspberry or Cherry, then again Ive barely had slushies, maybe I should go try more.. ?

  31. Abram Courville aka: Balloons the Noob says

    Awesome Video!???❤??

  32. Yannieck Wame says

    Where do you stream???

  33. Beyondhair Craze says


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