1. Boon Boy says

    Nintendo or maybe sega developed the first GAME console, this first black "character" has no name and no character, lifeless and nonexistent like atari.

  2. KiloDelta says

    the players look like they were only wearing briefs hahaha

  3. LilBigHuge says

    Is this NBA 2K18?

  4. SouthOCmixdown says

    Ha. I almost got carpal tunnel at 8 years old that nearly made my hand fall off playing this game. Never knew about the '1st black video game character'-thing but, if so well I guess that makes the hours I spent playing instead of doing homework or chores even more well spent. If you had the Atari 400 with the 4 joystick ports, you could actually play 2 on 2 and it was fucking hilariously bad and awesome.

  5. tubelogicat says

    First implementation of ragdoll physics in a game

  6. andrew yun says

    and BOOM goes the dynamite!

  7. Kevin Duffy says

    Still looks better than NBA Live. 

  8. MOMOarabe says

    a canadian white man

  9. Dakota Mashups says

    lol they only got one arm

  10. Coach cleats says

    Funny thing is I used to have this game!

  11. Carmen says

    shut out to nintendo for saving and changing the gaming market forever!

  12. THX 1138 says

    i like those front rim bounce layups, very catchy, i'll try those

  13. zackborgo1994 says

    Lolol soo funny i fe srry for those people who only had that

  14. Shay Anderson says

    damn, that nigga balled out. i thought he was done for sure when whitey made that swish from half fucking court. good game guys. pretty suspensful stuff

  15. ReplayGoblin says


  16. teddybruscie says

    Step aside Atari Basketball Black Guy. There's a new Black Video Game character in town. I forgot the his name but the game I cant forget. Its called StarHawk and my God it looks awesome.

  17. msms47 says

    this is the first balck guy in games lol

  18. William Murray says

    I Wanna Playyyyy =(

  19. Ionut Cristian Musat says

    i gone download this game 😛 :))

  20. ken0176 says

    lol! of course black dude wins

  21. eastwoodone says

    @Mikesmooth49 I totally agree with you on that one now lol. My nephew is one of those kids that you spoke of. He doesnt seem to understand. =D

  22. Jerel Sarkisian says

    @Mikesmooth49 …vocabulary may be taken for "granite" though regardless of era

  23. ALW TheFox says

    Wow, this brings back memories!

  24. Dylan K. says

    @gamewizard haha yea i know but its definitely turned into a black mans sport, you don't see too many good white players anymore

  25. gamewizard says


    Invented by a white man.

  26. Dylan K. says

    of course the black character one =p, basketball is a black man's sport haha

  27. ThrilloVanHouten says

    Well, this is a port of the arcade version, which also had a black character…

  28. Igogameshark says

    High Tech!!!!XDD(he is Jordan?)

  29. Philip Wood says

    Reminds me of my kindergarden days back in 1982.

  30. ms. Jones says

    Ooo Wee XD LMAO thank god i wasn't born back then..just look at those graphics ..and those sounds XD>>MAN

  31. OllieAverage says

    Must've been made in early 1979… there's no 3 point line.

  32. RPKVids says

    This is quite fun for a short while.

  33. Roland Weber says

    this game is RACIST!!!

  34. Antonio Joao says

    this is tecnology

  35. OneDolla Watta says

    We have the first purple character also lol.

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