1. Liam Catterall says

    Jesus who is that alien looking guy in the thumbnail?

  2. Michael Savai says

    how do you create an online league..??

  3. UK FootballScore says

    Such a good idea this is want to see more

  4. Tommy_ 31 says

    Is this online feature exclusive to Manny or can we play it too?

  5. WolvesFan 10 says

    23:45 the ball is in the area

  6. Jermaine says

    Anyone looking for a left winger who's cheap and is a baller.Check Ivan petryak from videoton fc. Paid 2.5m now got up to 17m. Thank me later

  7. Peter Weer says

    Nice video

  8. D C says

    This lad hasn’t a clue about tactics 😂😂 how can ye set up like that against lfc

  9. Quoted Gnome says


  10. Quoted Gnome says


  11. Prince X says

    In-Game Editor? Tonali? lol

  12. Shaggonwagon says

    Toby is so wholesome

  13. Kenny Jensen says

    Get your players in better shape and play Bentaleb, he was very good as a mezzala in my Schalke save

  14. AllAboutMeByMe says

    Get me on it!!

  15. James Cooper says

    Did this got sacked by brighton 6 months in at 20th, got everton job at 19th and took them to 13th, the next season came 4th and then won the league and got to champo final. Mates haven't got Europe yet

  16. Tom Hinds says

    I've watched a lot of FM streamers but I'm glad you've started streaming it and making content because you're bringing FM to a wider audience 👍

  17. Ryan Back says

    When is utr back

  18. Ryan Jones says

    I’ve just started watching and my only question is. Do they actually play each other or are they on there own saves and play the computer for they teams the others own as I’m a bit confused

  19. Joshh Talkss says

    Is it just me or do they sound like the different versions of the same person looool

  20. AJ Wint says

    Liverpool win league 😀😀😀❤

  21. Johnathon Gambrell says

    I think if you get sack you shold let them get different job

  22. Sol Stone says

    Only just seen that you’re making this series 😳 today is gonna be a great day watching them all 😂

  23. Rob Evans says

    could never ever do a save like that which takes 2 years to complete 1 day thats insane..whoever the host is i do believe the screen your end is much smoother..everyone elses screens will jitter a bit and dont evver do an online save with someone abroad the lag is incredible takes foreverbest to do it online 1v1

  24. FloodedHedge says

    No way Vikram omd hes back

  25. Rob The Kaiser says

    I wish he would put some background music

  26. B says

    Liking this series already, never played an online fm before myself

  27. Japanio624 says

    No one:Everyone: “piSs oFf” 😂😂😂

  28. Chaitanya N says

    when u said vikram i thought it was vikkstar

  29. Boro Boyo1 says

    How do online saves work? Does everyone have to be on at the same time?

  30. jack fearon says

    How are you getting battered by liverpool at 0-0 and keep it on positive???????????????

  31. George Milne says

    Vikram is still kicking about?! Lmao

  32. Sechaba Mosala says

    top content

  33. N R says

    Are the others recording there povs?

  34. FM Lads says

    Love this, Our channel is about an Online Save too

  35. Phumelela lekhoathi says

    4-1-4-1 man you've got the best deeplying player maker tonali

  36. stefan sturch says

    Tonali was a dead signing, too much money to strengthen an area that didn’t need the strength. As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t put a club into debt to get these younger players, unless your intention is to sell a few seasons later.

  37. Norfweezeman says

    Put Tonali Defensive not support he dictacts better

  38. Naing Htet says

    Download cheat engine to speed up the game. Don't know if it will work in multiplayer.

  39. Harry Meadowcroft says

    Manny getting just a bit angry as always

  40. Ollie Sw says

    If u can get Danny loader you are absolutely winning

  41. Amal Sharon says

    Half of your squad are lacking severely in match sharpness and you expect them to smash Liverpool gtfoh understand how the game works dude!

  42. misa life says

    Manny is the worst fm player! LOL

  43. Jack Bummer says

    Who's managing who?

  44. Max Beullens says

    what a series

  45. Marlon Carthy says

    first min ..im crying ,,i thought i was the only one that gets heated …man put the disclaimer out here hahahaha

  46. Oliver Boyes says

    This is boring af ngl

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