1. mitchall booiii says

    1:51 ALMOST RIP

  2. mitchall booiii says

    1:46 moments before disaster

  3. mitchall booiii says

    If that car wasnt there RIP WROTOSHAW I'll be fuming mate

  4. Tom Clague says

    The fuck was there a rocket ?

  5. Gamer boy Pls 1k subs says

    When harry said they will try not hit the cars who saw the rocket ??

  6. Rebecca Olvanhill says

    0:17 rocket launches

  7. Marco Geven says

    Hary haze iron bals of doing this

  8. Betto Fernandez says

    Did you guys relise there is a nasa ship flieng to space

  9. Jed1Plays_ ALT says

    1:45 thank me later

  10. Josh Gaming says

    Did anyone see the rocket in the background at the start

  11. Seth Swinbourne says

    Why was there a rocket in the background of the intro

  12. Haski RN says


  13. Juicy Pears says

    He would still be alive though lmao

  14. Gareth says

    Rocket in backround

  15. KMT Jxmes says


  16. BaileyyNS says

    Are we gonna talk about the rocket at the start

  17. Aqua Menace says

    In mother Russia you hit the car

  18. Teddy Thomas says

    Yh I was about to say about that rocket

  19. Aaron0404 Fernandes says

    What on earth!!

  20. RazerDagger says

    Music used in 0:55 ??

  21. Ellisboi21 says

    who noticed the rocket ship at 15 seconds

  22. Swaran Sex says

    Does he live next to NASA or something?

  23. Santiago Gonzalez says

    Okwtf if the car wasn't there we wouldn't have died he should've fell he could've got more views

  24. Corrupted says

    "sorry for not uploading in ages lol"

  25. Kaydon Renee says

    Did anybody know that there was a space ship behind them

  26. darkz says

    00:00 ?

  27. 海洋之王 says

    why did i feel like this was intentional

  28. sarah Farrar says

    Did anybody see the rocket take of at the start to the right

  29. Jayden Brown says

    0:17It’s either they edit it or they didn’t look at the top right corner

  30. Midget Likes Pretzelz says

    Mans actually just flew to jersey for content

  31. Op Rangdol says

    The spaceship behind in the intro ?

  32. It's Michael says

    Wtf 0:16 the rocket on the right

  33. DownGrades Are Funny says

    On blue guys shirt

  34. DownGrades Are Funny says

    Anyone noticed the rocket in the background at 19 seconds

  35. Hank222777 says


  36. Łxrd Đup says

    0:16 why the heck is the freaking rocket seems so near

  37. Electro Baz says

    0:16 a rocket launch behind Harry ???

  38. Zyad mohamed says

    Who seen the spaceship flying at the start

  39. MP_ 07 says

    Did anyone noticed rocket taking off at 0:17

  40. Ryder Forsyth says

    0:17 is that a fucking rocket ship tf?

  41. Joe Gta says

    At the start of the video there’s a rocket

  42. Chandra Palanisamy says

    The fact that he could still run after falling that high is impressive

  43. BigDave123 says

    In the intro in the background there is a rocket

  44. Shree cooney says

    0:17 what is that thing in the background

  45. speedyscout 44 says

    that fall looks overexaggerated. I could survive it without the car.

  46. Tom Price says

    Harry’s dads reaction tho??

  47. BUTT GAMER Beast says

    Video was corrupted twice

  48. DJ Lapierre says

    he was lucky enough to have the car

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