The Future of Flying – Is Sustainable Air Travel Possible?


This is the first vlog in the series to explore sustainability in aviation. I traveled to Amsterdam to learn how KLM is taking a leading role in creating a more sustainable future for aviation.

In the video, I was shown how an airline can recycle plastic bottle onboard to create useful tools by 3D printing. I learnt about the challenge of developing sustainable aviation fuel. KLM cabin crew showed me how they’re recycling and reuse plastic materials in the food tray. A pilot also explained many ways they could reduce fuel burn.

I traveled to Technical University of Delft to see the design of Flying V, a futuristic V shape aircraft. i was shown the mock up model which should have its first flight this year. I was also shown many interesting future cabin design ideas such as flat bed in economy and staggered seating.

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  1. Sam Chui says

    Just to give you some background in this vlog. When I was traveling to Amsterdam in December (before flying Xiamen Air to China) I saw how sustainability as a much discussed topic. I contacted KLM, a leader in this field if they can show me what they've done so far and what they are planning to do for the future. This is the first vlog in the series to explore and learn about sustainability in aviation. I will look at other airlines during the year to see many different approach and initiatives in this relatively new field.

  2. Toni I says

    This was depressing to watch…

  3. MVLgamer99 says

    I am from the Netherlands and I al ways take klm

  4. Roan Couperus says

    At 8:59 the english subtitles say skipol instead of Schiphol ?

  5. Wai Ho Leung says

    Wow Sam is a rich guy

  6. 無名 says

    Wow the hangar is really nice and tidy,not like HAECO

  7. Terrenejeffy Gaming says

    If they make a airplane a v shape you will see me on one

  8. Sven RCT says

    I like the idea of the Flying V

  9. kai besar says

    1:22 leuk ding die stewardess met dat rode haar en haar mooie rode lippen

  10. kai besar says

    nice Grandma and her 2 granddaughters

  11. Mr Lewis Games says

    For the seats that has a standing function stop giving Ryanair ideas

  12. robo931 says

    Snowflakes complaining about his tall comment should go back to being offended at everything else in their meaningless lives.


    sam plane ana like 787

  14. Nate Dawg says

    Dont think those seat designers have any knowledge in aircraft lol

  15. Theo Smith says

    why you so awkward

  16. Gulli Jlo says

    more plastik shit just what we

  17. quintan bacchus says

    How someone suppose to even get in them tiny ass beds?

  18. Danielle SH says

    And there we go… Dutch with their transparent mentality give away all the secrets to china again…

  19. Sym Sagar says

    Dial 1-800-801-9708 for Cheap Flight Deals…!

  20. JJ's Content says

    At 4:00 my older brother owns something like that from KLM, he was in Amsterdam for one of his birthdays and he must have went to the KLM place because he was in a KLM cockpit (not sure the plane) and he has the house or something like that.

  21. Glockgok GaNg says

    Nah it will not work

  22. DutchTrains says

    Tbh the Flying V is just like the 2021 f1 car ugly af

  23. DutchTrains says

    I like his Dutch accent XD

  24. Games TV says

    Seems 3D printed airliners are the future ?

  25. smash surfing says

    15:25 only 60% Bruh ??

  26. Aviation Amateur says

    I’ll check the airplane collection and share it with everyone,

  27. Daan Schuurmans says

    I literally only see downsides to this plane design

  28. Emon Mahmud says

    İn air india they recycle replacing tv by sticker ?

  29. Cameron Smyth says

    Great Video. I've nevervseen the Flying V concept in a commercial setting.

  30. Caspian says


  31. Andrea Sidoti says

    So is this new plane idea going to be for smurfs because there is no way I can fit in one of those cubicles at 16:20 and I am not fat!!!, I though capsule hotels made me feel like I am soffocating damn.. Also what's up with the weirs sex swings?? ??

  32. DingisMaximus says

    lol washing plastic

  33. mohammad ebrahimi says

    -hello+hello,very tall!-true!if thats not romance,i dont know what is!!!

  34. Oofy Oofer says

    looks cringe:/

  35. Martin Jönsson says

    Really shit ideas with the engines on top of the wings due to ice falling off into the engines like SAS Flight 751 crash Arlanda sweden. Passenger planning is completely unrealistic from economical perspective and the cramped spacing for health and safety due to brace position and potential virus pandemic.

  36. Aiden Cheung says

    4:57 my city Vancouver where I live

  37. REAL CAGGY55 says

    Sam: This is a 787Shows 737 Me: Okay?P.S I have subscribed Sam you make great content.

  38. Roby Carb says

    I don't like the fly v. It's better the 747, of course

  39. Jack Boublik-Whiteley says

    make a plane that is nucleur powered is my idea

  40. JxeD says

    Birds: *sees flying V plane*Also birds: Wait, that's illegal.

  41. Kakaer 330 says

    So now you can give all the classified info to all of your Chinese countrymen….go back to China you overweight slob.

  42. No Name says

    Ugly plane seating is terrible hopefully never fly waste money time

  43. No Name says

    Lucky ? free life Everyhing no Work free ride

  44. No Name says

    Jesus is king ?

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