The Future of Gaming Phones? (or gone too far) Unboxing Black Shark 3 Pro


Unboxing review of Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro gaming smartphone. Funcooler active fan cooling system. Physical triggers. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile gameplay. Thanks to Black Shark for sending this free review sample for unboxing.
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Please note: you’re probably suppose to use just one fan at a time. Since they sent two, I wanted to take the opportunity and use them both for fun and video purposes.

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  1. TheRelaxingEnd says

    Smartphone gamers here?

  2. shiva kumar says

    Add some bgm man it's like complete silence in a room

  3. Fatality 340 says

    How is that little fan cooling the components inside through that plastic case and the built-in phone case?

  4. 잼민이헌터 says

    Plz official release in korea

  5. Somil Singh says

    Fortnite is just a dancing kids game ??

  6. Abhijit Rohi says


  7. علُۆشُヅ says

    هل يوجد عراقي شريف هوناء ??

  8. Abhi Rajput says

    Bakaar sali

  9. Shahid Shalov says

    Untill he play pubg I thought that this video was from another country

  10. S M says

    Langoor k haath main angoor

  11. Vishnu Ravi says

    What if after all the attachments he had played candy crush

  12. R.I.P gaming says

    This is phone or ac omg ?

  13. c tuanduc says

    Name game?

  14. Akar Xambar says

    Nice How Mach

  15. Akar Xambar says


  16. Sormin Akhter says

    He should get sponsored by knife company's??

  17. Chagugo GG says

    Neither that iphone nor samsung GAMER TELEPHONE

  18. Ashish Choudhury says

    He is an Indian man

  19. Gilberto Moraes Junior says

    Totally bullshit

  20. Rohan Vidhate says

  21. Tip at top says

    Please gift me this phone with all the parts that you had received.. You have so many money but I don't please please

  22. MH FF says


  23. Jatin Narwal says

    Playing at 1.25x ???, Great Enough

  24. Mateo Tapasco says

    Thats called mini PC ;v

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