The Graveyard (Game)


The Graveyard is a very short computer game. You play an old lady who visits a graveyard. You walk around, sit on a bench and listen to a song. It’s more like an explorable painting than an actual game. An experiment with poetry and storytelling but without words.

Buying the full version of The Graveyard adds only one feature, the possibility of death. The full version of the game is exactly the same as the trial, except, every time you play she may die.

Designed by Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. Animations by Laura Raines Smith. Music by Gerry De Mol. Sound effects by Kris Force.

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  1. pira mid says

    я заплакал

  2. corn says

    it's heartbreaking to see people hating this game instead of appreciating the fact that it lets you imagine the whole story.

  3. jootai says

    Fucking hell kerel.. Wa edde gij in godsnaam gesmoord om te denken dat dit kunst is, laat staan een game. Je kon tenminste iemand zoeken die een halve noot kon zingen..

  4. Archie says

    some dude on steam has played this game for 17k hours, 17,000 hours… thats around 2 YEARS

  5. keneth10 says

    This is game is just a scam

  6. Kostas 2WK says

    what language is that song?

  7. Nikolai Korzakov says

    The song is – is – is so. . .I don't even know.

  8. Nikolai Korzakov says

    THANK YOU!Now get out my suggestions on Youtube.

  9. Krasty says

    How do i quickscope in this game?

  10. Marjar says

    Oh good, the trailer is the entire game. Now I don't have to buy it.

  11. XinYee Łëåf says

    Classical. Love it. Show us how we were use to be like it. Appreciates it.

  12. Finklefaust says

    An experiment with poetry and storytelling but without words.How about you ditch the super duper on the nose song then if it's not all about words? Cause this is the least subtle thing on the planet now.

  13. Teh Figster says

    I'm about done with this game too hard on tht fucking boss battle

  14. Ruby Doomsday says

    Needs more goombas.

  15. MrThisucks says

    this game is shittier than septic 5 awesome

  16. Ross says

    When will we get the HD Remaster for PS4 and Xbox One? This looks like the CoD killer.

  17. Camilo Ojeda says

    :'(, like

  18. Superstar Banana Mix says

    We have reached a whole new level of pretentiousness

  19. White Silla says

    sit on my level scrub

  20. bubby boy says

    the song is Dutch

  21. javis88h says

    I love how in my suggestion bar there's a Top Ten Most Difficult Games Ever video from Machinima 

  22. Lopt The Treacherous says

    360 benchsit

  23. User 90 says

    1 guy in steam have over 8000 hr in this game 

  24. Raydog33 says

    Anyone who pays to play this "game" is a moron. If you pay extra cash to just see the old lady die, you are an even bigger moron. Art? Better off a Flash, some video presentation. You are fooling yourself to pass this off as a game.

  25. Norianna R. N. says

    It's $4.99 on Steam. And now Mass Effect 2 has a $4.99 sale. I might buy it if it had a $0.99 offer…

  26. GhostyGump says

    That is the shittiest game I have ever played

  27. xbacco1979 says

    che ciofeca

  28. Rossoblu993 says

    Best game of the world!

  29. Jimmy Jazz says

    Total crap

  30. Emily Taylor says

    Based on some of the comments here, it's clear that a lot of people have a very narrow perception of what a game is. That being said, this game's atmosphere should be its greatest strength, along with the player's ability to insert their own story into it. I was a little disappointed by the music that played when she sat on the bench because I felt as though it conflicted with the atmosphere of the game and suggested a particular story, shattering the immersion. This is merely my experience.

  31. LLB LLB says

    It's called having a job… I'm sure you wouldn't understand that.

    Once your nuts drop, and you have a source of income, you can afford to buy things for yourself. Such as game DLC.

    Get a job, stop smoking drugs, and move out of your moms basement.

    You betray your age by the age range you mentioned. 12 – 13, puts you at 16 – 18… Because… That's totally old right?

    I'm done speaking with you. Get off your moms computer and find a job, then we'll talk some more.

  32. LLB LLB says

    It's still a damned demo, which doesn't offer all features of the game, without buying. Possible death was the one thing I read that made this game even half interesting…

    You've got to pay for the privilege to die… Really fucking deep.

    I don't own "CoD", but, after this, I'm going to go buy that shit, and get every fucking DLC the game has. The real world functions off of commerce, not the ideals of pompous ass kids.

  33. LLB LLB says

    You really are a dumb lil'fuck. It's 5 bucks on steam… The demo is free. You're so freaking simple minded that you have no clue you're playing a damned demo.

    Lmao, how am I fake? I'm not the poser acting like they care for total bs, to somehow make themselves feel superior to others.

    No one is impressed by the fact you play crap games, this makes you a tool, not cultured.

    Oh, the person assuming people who disagree with them plays "CoD", gets his point across by typing in all caps…

  34. LLB LLB says

    It's 5 bucks on steam. Considering I was able to pick up civ 3 for that same price, I'd say it isn't worth it.

    Free, or even a dollar or two is one thing, but, 5 bucks for something which would only be considered a game in the most liberal of terms, is bs in my book.

    It's one thing supporting a indie dev, but, not if that means bending over and taking one. Sorry, but, at 5 bucks it's a ripoff.

    I'm going to go play some "CoD", and "WoW"…

    Random CoD player

  35. LLB LLB says

    Whats so cultured about making a pos game and charging 5 bucks for it?

    You're just insulted because you were dumb enough to pay for this bullshit.

  36. LLB LLB says

    4.99 for this pos? If I wanted to be fucked in the ass I could at least go pimp myself on the corner and make some cash… This crap will do the same thing but take your money in the process. No thanks, I charge for that shit.

    This shit's a joke. Anyone who says otherwise is a pussy.

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