The Guatemala Travel Guide | Antigua, Tikal, & Lake Atitlan


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Guatemala has many incredible places to visit and things to do. After living there for a month, these are my top picks of what to do in Tikal, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan.

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  1. Sarah Funk says
  2. Elizabeth Ramirez says

    Sooo beautifully Sarah I love your channnel

  3. genius0173 says

    Guatemala is so beautiful and unique. Guatemala must recover every metre of its mayan territory of Belice and sue the pirate, criminal and parasite monarchy from the small island of England

  4. genius0173 says

    The Beautiful Guatemala must recover every metre of its mayan territory of Belice and sue the pirate, criminal and parasite monarchy from the small Island of England

  5. cj241980 says

    Wow! Thank you kindly for sharing! All the best!

  6. PETLOV says

    Hey Sarah what do you think about this place in Guatemala, called San Benito. Check it out!

  7. Michael M. says

    Great video!

  8. Alvaro Castañedo says

    Beautiful country!I hope you have a good day, where are you😊😊🙌

  9. its me says

    I Love you Sarah ! ♥️💋

  10. César Medrano says

    I Love This! video 🥰😍

  11. Keiry Jovel says

    What kind of bug repellent do you use when you visit Guatemala? I hope you get back to me 😭 last time I went the mosquitos attacked me ☹️

  12. Alvin G.Sanchez says

    Amazing thank you for sharing it. blessings

  13. naresh kumar says

    I want to visit this country 😊

  14. majalel77 says

    Nice video! Good information too.

  15. Violent_Bebop says

    Isn't MS 13 from there? Mmmmnnnn…..

  16. Adriana says

    My mom is Guatemalan but I only been there once

  17. JORGE GOMEZ says

    Wow Amazing

  18. Along We Go says

    We've travelled quite a bit, and have never experienced a place like Lake Atitlan!

  19. Abraham Chún Q says

    I am glad to hear that you visited many place in Guatemala. This is such an amazing country. I am from Guatemala.

  20. Josue Zacarias Gonon says

    Muy bonito video gracias por demostrarle al mundo lo que es la tierra del quetzal??

  21. Travel Heavy Bro says

    I visited all those places except Tikal 😭

  22. Calef Perez says

    Hello beautiful

  23. EDIN DC - AEREO says


  24. Ivan Merida says

    Exelent video i like it. Thanks for share

  25. Guate 502 says

    calidad mi pais niña hracias por visitar

  26. n L says

    How safe is Guatemala?

  27. Our Million Adventures says

    great video! We lived on Lake Atitlan for a month and loved it!

  28. Travel in Russia says

    Very interesting!

  29. Javier Oxlaj says

    Wow justa Amazing Guatemala…!!!

  30. Miguel Marroquin says

    Nice video Lady

  31. Diego Ramos says

    Hi Sarah, please come visit our beautiful country Mexico <3

  32. Ams Morales says

    Beutiful country. Thanks for share the nice video and beutiful landscaping in Guatemala.🖒

  33. Jessica L says

    My parents are from Guatemala!

  34. Johanny Mota says

    Guatemala is such a beautiful country, great video Sarah thanks for sharing!

  35. LunaRendezvous says

    Articulate intelligent, and confident, you're a natural in front of the camera Sarah. I always enjoy your presentations.

  36. eptyr12 says

    Hotel Atitlan has the most incredible botanical gardens if you get to make it there.

  37. Lorenzo Matias says

    Qué lindo video y cada vez más presentas lugares bonitos felicidad x todo.

  38. Ernesto Garibay says

    Sarah es la mejor haciendo videos de youtuber a la televicion 😀😀saludos desde el bronx ny.

  39. Ernesto Garibay says

    HolA sarah muy buen video 😉 algun dia visitaras mexico??? Sigue positiva besos bye

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