The health of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be a 'highly contentious issue'


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate nominee is the most significant decision of the whole campaign given the ongoing questions around the “capacity of Joe Biden,” says Sky News US political commentator Joe Hockey.

The presumptive democratic nominee, Joe Biden, is expected to announce his running mate within the next week, after previously declaring it will be a woman, while many believe it will be a woman of colour.

California Senator Kamala Harris, former national security advisor Susan Rice, and Senator Tammy Duckworth are among the front runners to be picked by Mr Biden.

Mr Hockey told Sky News host Paul Murray the decision will be the most important one of the entire campaign given the questions around both candidates’ capacity to “do the job”.

“The health of the two candidates will be a highly contentious issue in the lead up to polling day.

“Both vice presidents will come into play, and it is a very very big decision.”

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  1. jt says

    Joe Biden : Joe Biden : Am I president yet? Hello?

  2. Jeogenes Biongcog says

    Let Biden take concern of his soul. His situation seems closer to worse life position which calls for him to go back to Catholic life. If possible to confession. He may be eased out suddenly by communists.

  3. Wilhelm Geisler says


  4. greg burge says

    Susan Rice the neocons choice for President …..I mean Vice President!!!!

  5. TheJimmy says


  6. Robert. Hansbury says

    Joe Biden is a simpleton he doesn't remember if he changed his depends or not.. go to a news channel that doesn't lie? geopolitics said even if Joe Biden won 3 months later he would step-down and say he's not mentally capable.. He gets the title and then he slips away that's what their plan is if he does win which he will not.. I will not debate Donald Trump because I have dementia.. My name is Joe Biden and I approve this message.?Trump 2020.??????????????????

  7. Jonathan R. Burst says

    Seriously brain dead ? Joe

  8. ohh so u approach me says

    the reason there changing joe now is because there losing him in pole,s

  9. Adam says

    Look at Trumps waistline and compare to Bidens. Only one of them is capable of physical activity

  10. Billy Bobb says

    I aint black enuff to vote for biden. Trump 2020

  11. Pepe says

    Kamala is not black. She is Indian and Jamaican.


    All those stupid people that are going to vote for Biden are so dumb


    Joe Biden's an old piece of shit that needs to go down the toilet

  14. Valerie Rich says

    Don't really care about Joe Hockey's opinion. There are the silent black votes too. With a partner in the Biden camp, Joe will naturally go against President Trump. Mr Trump is going to win the election. God help all of us, even here in Australia, if it's rigged and Biden gets in. The World will be suffering under a Marxist Communist government. Love your show Paul Murray, but stop interviewing Joe Hockey. American people vote for your President, the best ever. God Bless President Trump.

  15. katy s. says

    Gawd….old biden looks like hes 100 years old.

  16. Monte Rodrigues says

    From old age senility to infancy. Joe Biden will soon wake up crying like a baby.

  17. Mr Gray says

    Hockey needs to retire!

  18. Dave says

    Person women man camera tv. Yep nothing wrong with Trump lol

  19. Greg says

    Biden clearly has dementia. He is a placeholder candidate and everyone knows it.

  20. God says

    As a Bangladeshi living in California, I got tired off the fakes news and MSM and I find Sky News refreshing. Even better than having Fox on autoplay.

  21. Lucifer Black says

    Ironic that two obese gossips question others health…

  22. Shaun Whitehead says

    This fucker just omitted that his interests are with Biden so naturally he wouldn't want ether to debate in November and try to use the CCP virus to do so. (health issues)

  23. Sean G says

    Biden is senile..what are they thinking.. scraping the bottom of the barrel

  24. Shaun Whitehead says

    0:24 Biden already said it would be a woman of colour, not merit or ability just sex n race everything you would expect from Democrats

  25. Perpetual Grin says

    Why don't they elect younger Presidents.

  26. rlounder67 says

    Joe is totally cooked, get back into your nursing home

  27. King David says

    "The health of Donald Trump?" . This is propaganda by fox.

  28. Garfield Farkle says

    Trump is not well. He walks with little bby steps and has to look down to make sure his feet go the right place. He's also got some kind of palsy in an arm.Plus, he is the source of TSS* which is ravaging the country, ruining lives, harming families and dividing the people.*TSS – Trump Shithead Syndrome

  29. Doug Johnson says

    Hey, Joe, We got this Joe, you can go home now.

  30. Jessica P says

    Biden has Alzheimer's and no memory.

  31. ancietman says

    The US will never agree so perhaps they should enter Trump and Biden in the New York marathon last man standing becomes president.

  32. nikorn chinakul says

    The political friendship of these two billionaires tycoons Donald Trump and his Jewish friend, Rupert Murdoch ( who owns two of most influential media around the globe, This FOX NEWS, and Australia News) should come into serious consideration by the US Law representatives. If this country is worrying enough about foreign interfering and Misinformation…Should they include Religious Medling by a group of Jewish journalists as well?… Greeting from Germany…God Bless America.

  33. Ben Jamin says

    I remember back in the day, I used to think Joe Hockey looked like a used car salesman. …But then I grew up and realised that used car salesmen are generally honest, hardworking and extremely knowledgeable. Jo Hockey – on the other hand – is just a former politician!

  34. Bob Wilsea-Smith says

    Only the Americans would be daft enough to vote for someone with dementia. Are the Dems trying to win this election on a sympathy vote?

  35. Rob Grant says

    Just know we are voting for the VP…

  36. simon pope pope says

    This is a complete joke. It is so obvious that Biden is not fit for president for many reasons. If Biden wins the USA will be run by the elites and China will get off the hook. PS to the owners of you tube, facebook, CNN, msnbc and many other media outlets, we can see whats going on.

  37. Robert Ward says

    I would not let Joe be the headmaster of the school, he short of a few marbles

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