The #ImperfectlyPerfect Ginger Girl Makes Her Own Fashion Choices!


Ginger by Lifestyle is inviting all you young girls to flaunt your fashion preferences loud enough to drown out the voices of critics! You are an #ImperfectlyPerfect Ginger Girl! Come together and celebrate your uniqueness. Shop now-

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  1. Kiran Asrani says

    Its sad to see such a famous brand has no standards. They only give damaged products and loot customers. Never buy anything from Lifestyle.

  2. Harriet Shearsmith says

    I seriously need to up my fashion game!

  3. Harsha Rangasamy says

    Ughhh!!!❤️❤️ sooo goooodd

  4. anju er says

    Show it everywere as much as possible. And we can break the fair and lovely, type models. Brown and black are real face of our country. And who told u that, its not beautiful. Too hell with ur attitude……….😏😏

  5. rajat ghosh says

    for all the machoism, nicely done, like I care 🙂

  6. Ipsha Sharma says

    No one really cares. Selling this idea of being rebellious is plain cringy.

  7. Divyanshi Verma says

    Yes..this is the super powerful advertisement I'd ever seen…upvoted!!

  8. Del Ferns says

    I love this advertisement 😭😭😭💕

  9. Del Ferns says

    Something about strong women just makes me so happy!!

  10. Nebula 14 says

    this the only ad in YouTube that only caught my eye and mind 👍👍👍

  11. Keerthana says

    Awesome ♥️

  12. Vaijayanthi says

    I already love Ginger. Gonna buy more stuff from there now!

  13. Tulsi Bisht says

    love this ad and girl who says FUCK NOOOOO

  14. Mariiphro K says


  15. srusti dash says

    I've been told the heels one a tad too much. And I always say, "I'm not tall. You're just too short"

  16. sneh gupta says

    People who mostly say they don't give a damn/fuck, are mostly the one who actually gives. Good to see stupid girls are getting more uglier by themselves.

  17. Ezhil R says


  18. s b says


  19. Niharika Jain says

    We are using this ads to Brain wash everone good job we are idiots but watch me fly …☺️

  20. Aheli Guha says

    This is amazing!! 😍😎

  21. Vishi Sharma says

    I freaking love this advertisement!!!!#respect

  22. vaishali nizamkar says

    Osm ad 😎

  23. Saloni arya says

    Amazing advertisement

  24. Tanmayee Mohanta says

    I got wings baby..Watch me fly..Dis ad increased my confidence..Tq

  25. Bhargavi S says


  26. Twinkle * says


  27. Sananda Mondal says

    I love this advertisement. I so can relate to this video as well. Awesome work.

  28. Meghna Murthy says

    Kinda annoying

  29. Moon Shine says

    🤠 love it… never comment on ad .. butfor this i went in to the vid comment… Good Positive . . Thanks for the inspiration

  30. Ajay Mathew says

    Awesome video , bruv ! Im a men , but I know how exactly that feels ! 😂 I have a man bun(Top knot) & a heavy beard ( I'm just 22 btw ) , when I work at Bangalore people dont even give a fuck about that , but when I go to my place , people are so fuckin judging . They are like " yo! Cut that beard , bro …you are just 22 . That hairstyle looks ugly ..blaa blaah" … N me : " DO I LOOKS LIKE I GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THAT + DID I ASK YOUR OPINION ? "

  31. Swathi Iyengar says

    This ad is so motivating, When you don't care about other's perception about fashion or whatsoever, you dont have to stay limited, you have plenty of options. ☺

  32. Shia Majer says

    Love this ad!!

  33. Annie Jaimy says

    Superb ad 👌

  34. Ateek Ahmad says


  35. Elizabeth James says

    Holy shit this needs to be shown everywhere!!!!

  36. Kooki's Bae says

    I lovE this ad 👏👏👏

  37. Tanaya Thakur says

    Simply perfect !!

  38. Megha Jha says

    What a sensible advertisement…I totally ❤ the moment when they say…"I got wings baby, watch me fly"👏👏👏

  39. Meghna Mehta says

    That is one amazing advertisement🙌

  40. pari Kaur says

    Superb ✌✌ like i care 😎😎😎

  41. vinayak kamath says

    it's really awesome

  42. priyal p says

    LIKE I CARE 🙌 amazing

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